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Update on the new Orochi

We have added a new Orochi to this fan fiction, God Orochi, this will be his final incarnation and we have yet to have any designs since none of us can draw.

But we have managed to plan out some of his features:

  • Demonic Infernal Armour
  • Twin Scythes: Agony & Oblivion
  • Darker skin than usual
  • Has a “Akuma no me” or Demon Eye, this grants the ability of foresight although it’s not not 100% accurate and gets less accurate the further he sees into the future
  • Still on the rough note is that God Orochi has like “Dark Tempest Wings”, this has yet to be decided on

We will update when he have more information to put in the fan fic.

(If anyone is good at drawing and would like to be credited in our fan fic, please let me know!)

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