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Fallout New Vegas – Hardcore Mode

One of Fallout New Vegas’ new options is the very intriguing Hardcore Mode.

This mode will have it’s own difficulty settings and is supposed to make the game alot more realistic, here are some facts on this mode:

  • It will include a dehydration gauge in which you have to drink every so often, if you don’t you could die from thirst
  • Healing takes time to take effect, one you use a stimpak, it will take several seconds before it starts working and even then, it takes time after that to fully do it’s job
  • Enemies will be more tougher than before in all aspects
  • Ammo will now have weight and can effect your overall performance

Hardcore Mode is optional so you don’t have to play it, it’s meant to be for veteran players only so if you new to the world of Fallout, DON’T USE THIS MODE!!!

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