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My addiction to Just Cause 2

I got to admit…. I been pretty addicted to Just Cause 2 recently, the game offers so much more than just a normal sandbox type game.

To me, Just Cause 2 beats the likes of Grand Theft Auto due to its sheer insanity and lots of freedom, in Just Cause 2, the sky is the limit.

With such a vast country to explore, over 300 settlements to find, thousands of resource items to collect, loads of hidden packages to seek out and to mention the many, MANY hours of fun it provides. The game is so vast that you could spend days on the game and only complete as much as around 30% to 40% of the game.

With the many dlcs coming out for it also, it just adds to the fun, you feel like Action Man or James Bond with the amount of weaponry and vehicles you can use, with the black market you can purchase special customized vehicles that you can’t find normally.

The game has it’s own recording function so that you can record your own gameplay footage like stunts and the like, and post them directly to your YouTube channel.

I have made about 30+ Just Cause 2 gameplay videos, if you want to see them, please visit my channel at:

Please add me as a friend or/and subscribe to my channel if you want regular Just Cause 2 video updates!

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