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TNA – Sacrifice 2010 results

Here are the results for the 2010 TNA Sacrifice PPV:

Match 1: Motor City Machine Guns Vs Beer Money Vs Team 3D (No.1 Contenders match for tag titles)

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns

Match 2: Rob Terry Vs Orlando Jordan (Global Championship match)

Winner: Rob Terry

Match 3: Kazarian Vs Doug Williams (X Division title)

Winner: Doug Williams

Match 4: Madison Rayne Vs Tara (Knockouts Title Vs Tara’s Career)

Winner: Madison Rayne

Match 5: The Band Vs Ink Inc (Tag Team titles)

Winner: The Band

Match 6: Desmond Wolfe Vs Abyss (Abyss gets Chelsea for 30 days Vs Hall of Fame Ring)

Winner: Abyss

Match 7: Jeff Hardy Vs Mr. Anderson

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Match 8: Sting Vs Jeff Jarrett

Winner: Sting

Match 9: Rob Van Dam Vs AJ Styles (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

Winner: Rob Van Dam

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