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Dragon Age: Darkspawn Chronicles out today!

The upcoming downloadable content, Dragon Age: Darkspawn Chronicles, has been released today, for Xbox 360 owners, the dlc costs 400 MS Points, which to me isn’t that bad at all.

You play as the Darkspawn in an attempt to overthrow the humans and take the capital of Denerim.

This is basically a “What If” story plot, “What If” your main character didn’t survive the grey warden joining, “What If” the Darkspawn actually won the war against The Blight.

Its a interesting concept, I just recently downloaded it myself so I’m still getting into it, you start off with playing as a Hurlock Vanguard and you can recruit more members by using its special commands, you can only have 3 party members at a time, this can be from the simple Hurlock to the all power Ogre or the stealthy Shriek.

It looks promising I have to say at the least and there are bonus rewards given to both Origin and Awakening once you have completed Darkspawn Chronicles, I wonder what that could be…..

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