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Just Cause 2 Boom Pack DLC

The upcoming dlc for Just Cause 2, the BOOM PACK, will contain some of the most serious, and also funny, firepower you can ever ask for, oh the black market man will be pleased to offer these I’m sure!

The pack will be released in late May and will contain the following:

  • Quad Rocket Launcher
  • Cluster Grenade Launcher
  • Air Propulsion Gun

This has got me really excited!

The Quad Rocket Launcher will fire 4 rockets at the same time, all 4 rockets will move in a sort of spiral formation so it’s certain to hit something!

The Cluster Grenade Launcher is self-explanatory, works just like a normal one, it fires a single grenade but on impact, it explodes and releases several mini grenades which spread out and explode too, causing maximum damage!

The Air Propulsion Gun is just a work of sheer genius! It fires air vacuums that blows away most objects in sights, I saw the trailer of this being used and it can even blow away army jeeps and 4x4s, really impressive stuff.

Will the fun ever stop in Just Cause 2? I certainly hope not!

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