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Games that I want to happen

This is just me being ambitious as the game won’t happen but it’s always good to dream and such dreams is pretty much impossible but I am posting this to show you a piece of my gaming mind, here is some of the games I want to happen if the possibility arises (In no particular order):

  • Just Cause 2 + WET cross-over

This was a bizarre idea me and a friend of mine made a few weeks ago, a cross-over between Just Cause 2 and WET, can you imagine, WET’s Rubi and JC2’s Rico joining forces, we called them the “chaotic couple”, it sounds nuts but when you think about it, it could be pretty sweet!

  • Metal Gear Solid Fighters

A MGS beat m up, sounds awkward but witnessing the fighting part at the end of MGS game, it gave me a idea of a beat m up version of the series, a cross-over fighting metal gear solid, this could be cool as you could play and pit the enemies of the series against one another, how awesome would that be!

  • Chaos Legion 2

Now…. if you are like me, you would say that Chaos Legion is one of the most underrated games Capcom every made, I think it was a superb game, had alot to be desired, I admit that, but it had so much to offer and the story could easily have a sequel if the sales weren’t so terrible. I had loads of ideas for a sequel but ended up having brain overload since everything rushed at once but I still think one should happen!

  • The Bouncer II

Again, like Chaos Legion, its a underrated beat m up, story was pretty poor, I accept that, BUT, the fighting itself was fun and multiplayer was just great stuff and have hours of fun with friends. It’s a shame Square-ENIX sacked Dream Factory due to the poor ratings and sales of The Bouncer but I think it’s a good game and is worth another shot at for next gen consoles with online capabilities!

  • Final Fantasy VII: The One-Winged Angel

Crisis Core filled a huge story plot gap in VII’s storyline but I still think that Square-ENIX could make a FFVII game based on Sephiroth’s upbringing, how he met Genesis and Angeal upto his going insane over finding out who he really is. This could be a great story plot and might fill even more plot holes and I’m sure people want to know how Sephiroth came to be the man he is now!

  • Fallout 4

First of all, Fallout: New Vegas isn’t and I repeat, ISN’T, Fallout 4. Fallout 4, New Vegas and Fallout Online were all announced on the same week, late last year. What am I expecting from Fallout 4? Just an upgraded version of Fallout New Vegas really, Fallout 3 is just a awesome game and I know New Vegas will be just as great and I will be expecting alot from Fallout 4, only time will tell though…..

  • Final Fantasy: Dissidia 2

Dissidia was just epic win, it has no major flaws in my opinion but it would be so much better if it was for next gen consoles and a slight increase in the roster, no auto-summons and more modes to enjoy the game more with and online capabilities like team battles or co-op story mode. The first game is great enough as it is but there is still so much more that can be done to improve it further!

  • Borderlands 2

The first one really was a worthy adversary to Fallout 3, it truly was, the first had alot to offer and online co-op of upto 4 players really was great fun and the difficulty made the game challenging, the dlcs improved the game further but I think there should be a second one, more can be done to it I reckon, possibly co-op of upto 6 or even 8, more arena options, customize the weapons yourself with installation mods and more possibly characters and powers to use!

  • Discworld Next-Gen

My fiancée loves the books and we both love the classic games from the Discworld series on PC and PSX but with technology advancing dramatically and with multiple live action movies based on his books, I think that Terry Pratchett should go for a Discworld game for the next generation consoles. The old games were great stuff, complex and hilarious and should be great way for kids and adults alike to get into the world of Discworld even though they never read any of his books!

  • Knuckles Chaotix

As you know, the traditional Chaotix crew has disappeared off the face of the Sonic universe, they had their own game back in early 90s but it failed before it even got started coz Sega never gave it a chance, Sonic was booming and poor Chaotix crew was left in the darkness and are more of a joke than anything else. I think the original crew should deserve a second chance to shine and prove themselves that they are worth being in the Sonic universe once more, I know that there are still loads of fans for the original crew that would agree with me on this!

  • God Hand 2

This, like most games released without real advertisements, should deserve a sequel, the game was quite unique, very difficult, cheesy humour and storyplot and awesome gameplay, what more could you want!? Technically, just more of the same and make the story longer and possibly have online features, but other than that, the game should remain unchanged as it was just good stuff!

  • Chaos Rings Next-Gen

This game should try to make it to next gen consoles, the game for iPhone/iPad was a great success (Read my review and you’ll see why) and I think that it should deserve a remake for next gen consoles and extending the story more, it should aim for a wider audience coz there are still many people who either can’t afford it or haven’t got a iPhone/iPad but want to play it. Chaos Rings should be download only from next gen marketplaces and I think it will be a success on them aswell as the original on the apple systems!

  1. Xue
    June 6, 2010 at 23:30

    I heard a rumour that Dissidia 2 is happening. However, I don’t remember seeing any solid evidence for it……………

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