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Dragon Age Anime Announced!

You heard right, BioWare have done it again, first Mass Effect Movie made by Legendary Pictures now Dragon Age is getting a feature-length anime film and who is making this you say….. FUNimation!

Yep, the guys behind the Dragonball series has made a deal with BioWare to produce a anime feature film on the award-winning game, Dragon Age.

“Anime is a great medium for us to continue the robust Dragon Agestory,” said Mark Darrah, Executive Producer for the Dragon Age franchise. “Partnering with FUNimation ensures that we are delivering the exceptional quality and entertainment value that our Dragon Age fans expect.”

“We are thrilled to be working with EA and BioWare on the production of the Dragon Age anime feature,” said Gen Fukunaga, President and CEO of FUNimation. “We are going to be bringing the classic visual and storytelling techniques found in anime to create a film that will extend the narrative of the world BioWare has created.”

This really shows that BioWare is hitting the BIG time and starting to get the attention of major movie/anime companies, BioWare is shocking us more and more every month.

A date for the anime being released is TBA since the deal was only made yesterday but we should hopefully hear of some major news on it later on in the year!

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