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Fist Of The North Star Game Notes

An update on Hokuto Musou coming to Europe:

  • The logo you see is the official title for the English version of the game, Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage
  • It will be released in Europe is still TBA but rumours suggest is out in mid/late September
  • It will be for both Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Possible DLCs for it are still unknown
  • Optional Japanese voice overs will be available so you can switch voices between English and Japanese, a good thing for the fans of the series
  • Its been told that the AI in the European version will be improved but that could mean anything really
  • The amount of blood and violence in the game has greatly increased, making this possibly a 15/18 age rating
  • Legend Mode is basically the story mode of the game
  • Dream Mode is like Legend Mode but this lets you witness the story of other characters
  • Challenge Mode works just like most survival modes really
  • Introduction Mode is technically a training mode for beginners to the game
  • Gallery and Settings are self-explanatory

I hope this information answers a few questions.

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