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Mass Effect 2 – Lair Of The Shadow Broker

BioWare, creator of Mass Effect and Dragon Age, have revealed a new upcoming dlc for Mass Effect 2, this downloadable content is called: Lair Of The Shadow Broker

As you can probably expect, this is about finding the whereabouts of the infamous, Shadow Broker, this time you aren’t alone. From what has been said in the Mass Effect website, your crew team up with an old friend, Liara T’Soni, if you have been listening carefully to her during your reunion meeting in the second game, she has been after the Shadow Broker since Shepard’s disappearance. Now, she wants to set the record straight and wants Shepard and his team to help her out.

The screenshot above is a offical picture of the dlc and it shows Liara T’Soni ready for action alongside her old friends.

This is showing alot of promise and I’m sure everyone is curious about who or what the Shadow Broker actually is, we will get to find out soon enough.

The release date for Lair of the Shadow Broker has yet to be announced but I suggest it will be out around August time, look out for it!

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