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The Last Remnant Soundtrack Download

August 29, 2010 1 comment

I’ve been looking for this original soundtrack of the game, The Last Remnant, for quite some time and managed to find it and I am putting it up for anyone who are also having difficulties finding it too so you can download it also.

Here is the full track list of the soundtrack and all links to download the entire original soundtrack to the game

Disc 1

01 The First Awakening 2:09
02 Cherished Memories 0:48
03 Opening Suite: The Search 0:17
04 Opening Suite: The Chase 0:30
05 Opening Suite: The Charge 0:43
06 Opening Suite: The Assault 1:27
07 Clash of Opposites 3:20
08 Truths Revealed 1:02
09 All For Her 0:33
10 Home 1:35
11 Gathering Clouds 1:37
12 Into the Depths 3:26
13 Flamedrop 4:08
14 Struggle Eternal 3:55
15 Sliver of Hope 2:24
16 The Young Marquis 2:42
17 The Known World 1:27
18 The City of Heroes 3:09
19 A Friendly Ear 3:11
20 An Open Mind 2:06
21 Fair Judgment 4:11
22 Ante Up 2:47
23 Creeping Shadows 4:56
24 Rolling Hills, Sprawling Plains 4:44
25 Sword Sparks 3:29
26 Reversal! 2:42
27 Horns of Victory 1:28
28 Evil’s Advance 1:08
29 Glittering Gold 4:06
30 Dark Secrets 4:28
31 A Special Girl 0:57
32 Spilling Through Your Fingers 2:45
33 The Ageless Mage 0:54
34 The Bonds of Friendship 2:13

Disc length 81:17

Disc 2

01 The Heavens’ Majesty 4:56
02 Gateway to the West 4:05
03 The Seat of Vulcan 6:42
04 Swirling Sands 4:28
05 Free and Easy 4:24
06 The Conqueror’s Message 1:20
07 Something About That Guy 0:44
08 The Binding 1:06
09 Arcane Mysteries 5:50
10 Memories Regained 0:48
11 Family 1:40
12 Ancient Magicks 0:37
13 The Curse 0:25
14 The Marshalls 2:22
15 Limberlost 3:42
16 In the Shadow of the Dragon 3:44
17 The Crumbling Fortress 4:22
18 Old Traditions, New Methods 2:48
19 Unrelenting Advance 2:51
20 Fallen 0:37
21 Catafalque 0:41
22 A Son’s Loss 1:52
23 Vows Renewed 0:57
24 Everflow 5:03
25 Assembling the Puzzle 1:49
26 The Gates of Hell 3:51
27 A Sister’s Faith 0:39
28 The Price of Arrogance 1:16
29 Reunited at Last 0:27
30 Echoing Hallways 4:52
31 Rewriting the Rules 0:59
32 The Second Awakening 0:41
33 Gwayn’s Bellow 0:45
34 The Remnant of Fear 0:41
35 Marion’s Blessing 0:46
36 Whispers of the Ancients 4:31

Disc length 87:21

Disc 3

01 Breakers on the Shore 4:20
02 Enter the Seven 0:58
03 Life Without Remnants 4:41
04 Hermeien’s Ultimatum 2:03
05 Accepting the Challenge 0:47
06 Press to Victory 3:27
07 Turn the Tide 4:00
08 Unexpected Betrayal 0:53
09 Out of Control 3:22
10 Beat the Odds 2:58
11 The Bitter End 0:13
12 My Liege, My Enemy 1:07
13 Wheat From Chaff 2:09
14 Through the Tulgey Wood 5:19
15 Unconditional Trust 0:30
16 Echoes of the Past 4:16
17 Final Decision 3:32
18 Labyrinth 3:20
19 One Step 5:03
20 The Warden and the Activator 0:42
21 Time for Release 2:19
22 Nisus 6:10
23 Schismogenesis 4:18
24 The Final Sacrifice 3:54
25 Journey’s End 3:08
26 Finale 5:37
27 Overture: TGS 2007 Mix 1:47

Disc length 76:35

Here are the links to each part of the soundtrack, there are 4 parts since it’s a big soundtrack or so the website says, copy and paste each link and it will take you to Rapidshare so it’s going to take sometime to download them all

The folders are WinRAR file type and are protected by a password but lucky the website has given out the password to open those folders, copy this and paste it to unlock the folders

Hope you enjoy the soundtrack!


Fallout: New Vegas Leaked Armour

August 29, 2010 4 comments

From the Fallout Wikia page, apparently, there has been a leak of a advanced power armour making a return to Fallout New Vegas, if you have played the original Fallouts, you may know this power armour from it’s shape alone.

The picture your about to see maybe similar to old Fallout players and new players to the series may not know of, especially if you don’t study the history of the Enclave.

This is Enclave Advanced Power Armour from Fallout 2, you can tell from the weird detailed helmet, it’s also on the front cover of the Fallout 2 game cover.

It’s been classed as a “Work In Progress”, I know some people are a little fed up of seeing Enclave or Brotherhood of Steel but that doesn’t stop the creators from letting you get your hands on their equipment in New Vegas at least but we never know if this will be the final product.

Personally, they should make brand new power armour, away from the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave area and more into the secret armour like the T-51B series but more detailed, that’s just my opinion though…..

Visiting London Expo in October 2011

August 28, 2010 2 comments

I can confirm that I will be attending the London Expo in October 2011, sure it seems like ages away but I am just confirming with you all that I will be visiting London in October next year.

If you are going to a London Expo next year, look out for me during the Expo event in October.

The reason I’m going is for more than just playing the latest games before releases, but the fact that several of my friends are dying to meet me in person, most of all, Koei Wariors creator, Inspector Chin and Cosplayer, Eri Senpai.

I’m sure many other Koei Warrior members will be wanting to see me also since I was once a member of the forum a few years ago.

If you are or thinking of going to the London Expo next October, let me know and we will see about meeting up on the day, whether if I’m staying for the weekend or not is uncertain as of yet but as the time draws closer, I will let you know about it!

First Impressions – Ninety-Nine Nights 2

August 26, 2010 2 comments

A demo of the game recently released for Xbox 360 and I decided to give it a go.

Before playing the demo, I was expecting the worst just like the first one but during the demo, I noticed alot of changes in the game’s system aswell as graphics

First of all, the graphics are noticeable, its gone from shiny armour and nice looking environment to a slightly more Lord of the Rings look, it makes the game look alot better and serious but compared to most games of today, it’s still out of fashion

Like most Dynasty Warriors clones, it tries to fit as many enemies in one screen for maximum carnage but this sacrifices detail on the soldiers and could mean lagging, it’s not always a good thing.

Since this is insane carnage, it’s been classed as “Extreme Hack n Slash” and also the age rating from the first one is drastic, N3 II is now a Mature/18+ only due to the mass gore and possible bad language.

One drastic difference I saw is they removed the insane specials that kills hundreds upon hundreds of enemies at once. It’s been replaced with a ability system, hold a shoulder button and press Y, X, B or A. If you played Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires, this will sound familiar, thats because it uses the same system which is a bit of a let down as it’s not a original idea but it the effects it does is quite over-the-top

In the demo, you play 2 missions, one is technically a “kill them all” sort of level, the other is a short boss mission, I was really disappointed with the boss level as you could finish it in just mere minutes.

Apparently the full game is already out in America and Japan with no positive date for a european release.

In my view, if your into hack n slash/DW clone games, this might be worth the effort but with anything else, it’s probably best renting first to see if it gets your fancy.

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Joined forces with website

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

I am glad to announced that I have joined forces with to provide the latest in Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) information and updates.

Due to my popular massive preview of Hokuto Musou (Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage), they have offered me a admin place in the website’s official Facebook fan page, I couldn’t say no really!

The website is mainly an Italian site but it’s well known for the latest in Hokuto no Ken information, I am one of the few “English” staff for the more international audience so if you join the fan page and see an post in English, it’s probably me who has done that.

If you want to join the website and Facebook fan page, follow these links:

Facebook Fan Page (Copy and Paste link blow)


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Dragon Age DLC – Witch Hunt

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

BioWare, creators of Mass Effect and Dragon Age, have announced yet another downloadable content for Dragon Age.

This dlc is called Witch Hunt and if you can take a guess, this is all about finding Morrigan after the events of Origins once the Blight has ended.

“Never Follow Me”

The words of Morrigan before the final battle against the Darkspawn and end the Blight, you never really knew about Morrigan after Origins, this DLC allows you to finally catch up with her and place the final pieces of the puzzle.

You are able to import your character from Origins or Awakening or create a new one and there are even more rewards to unlock and use in both story modes.

The release date for Witch Hunt is the 7th September for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

This is a dlc worth looking out for, especially if your a fan of Morrigan.

Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

If you live in the UK and wanting to get Fallout: New Vegas, there is a Collector’s Edition version of the game to pre-order.

The Collector’s Edition boxset will cost £70 for Xbox 360 and PS3 or £50 for PC users. (Unless you are pre-ordering from certain well named game shops, in which you could put £10 deposit to take the price down to £60 upon collecting)

Here is what the Collector’s Edition of Fallout New Vegas contains:

  • Fallout New Vegas Game
  • Poker Chips
  • Platinum Poker Chip
  • Playing Cards
  • Art Book
  • Making of New Vegas DVD

If your a mad fan of Fallout, then this is a must, it’s better to try to get that £10 deposit so you have to pay a little less on collection and of course, makes sure your got a copy, do it now before it’s too late as records show that New Vegas is outselling Fallout 3 in pre-orders!

If you are thinking of pre-ordering from GAME, you made the right choice as for limited time and to UK customers ONLY, you will get a exclusive game pack for New Vegas if you pre-order at GAME, the picture below shows what you will get from the “Classic Pack”

You better pre-order it soon if you want this bonus pack for New Vegas.

The release of Fallout New Vegas is at October 22nd 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

I have already pre-ordered my copy of the Collector’s Edition and I am really excited to collect and play this! I may even write a review for it….. If I can get off it that is, hahahaha!

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