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TNA HardCORE Justice Results


HardCORE Justice

Sunday, August 8th 2010


Match 1 – Kid Kash & Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs FBI (6-man tag)

Winner – FBI

Match 2 – 2 Cold Scorpio vs C.W. Anderson

Winner – 2 Cold Scorpio

Match 3 – Stevie Richards vs Justin Credible

Winner – Stevie Richards

Match 4 – AL Snow vs Spike Dudley vs Rhino (Triple Threat Elimination)

Winner – Rhino

Match 5 – Team 3D vs Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney (Street Fight)

Winner – Team 3D

Match 6 – Tommy Dreamer vs Raven (Mick Foley is Special Referee)

Winner – Raven

Match 7 – Rob Van Dam vs Sabu

Winner – Rob Van Dam

My Views:

Oh dear…. This was expected, they tried too hard and it over-compensated, most of these ECW originals are past their prime and it shows, it wasn’t even really hardcore enough to be a good ECW ppv, this wasn’t as good as WWE’s version of a ECW ppv back in December to Dismember or One Night Stand.

The only match that was decent was the main event, RVD and Sabu, any match with RVD is mostly watchable but even then, it wasn’t enough to save the PPV, terrible shame TNA, stick to what you know best, TNA-related stuff.

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