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TNA ‘No Surrender’ Results


No Surrender

5th September 2010


Match 1 – Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me (Tag Title Match)

Winner – Motor City Machine Guns

Match 2 – Doug Williams vs Sabu (X Division Title Match)

Winner – Doug Williams

Match 3 – Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky

Winner – Velvet Sky

Match 4 – Abyss vs Rhino (Falls Count Anywhere)

Winner – Abyss

Match 5 – Kevin Nash + Sting vs Jeff Jarrett + Samoa Joe

Winner – Jarrett & Joe

Match 6 – A.J Styles vs Tommy Dreamer (I Quit Match)

Winner – A.J Styles

Match 7 – Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy (World Title Tournament Semi-Final)

Winner – No Contest, match had to be stopped apparently due to Angle bleeding heavily

Match 8 – Mr.Anderson vs The Pope (World Title Tournament Semi-Final)

Winner – Mr.Anderson

My View – An average PPV from TNA this month, the best match of the event was the Angle and Hardy fight, the match was supposed to last 20 mins but ended up being about 30 mins due to the overtime but shame on the ending but still, what a great match nevertheless.

Next month is TNA’s version of WrestleMania, Bound For Glory, 10/10/10, when we shall hopefully find out who is the “They” that Abyss keeps referring to, I’ve pretty much gotten bored of it with all the guessing but we shall find out soon enough.

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