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Fallout New Vegas Companions List

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A spoiler has been announced that a companion list for Fallout New Vegas has been released by the Playstation Blog, you are allowed one humanoid and one non-human companion at any one time, each companion has their own passive perks that helps the player through the game.

So far there are 8 companions that have been announced but there could be more either later on in the game’s progress or via DLCs, only the company knows for certain.

Here are the companions announced:

Humanoid Companions

Name: Arcade Israel Gannon

Race: Human

Perk: Better Healing – While Arcade is a companion, the player regains more health from all sources

Name: Craig Boone

Race: Human

Perk: Spotter – While Boone is a companion, hostile targets are highlighted whenever the player is actively aiming

Name: Rose of Sharon Cassidy

Race: Human

Perk: Whiskey Rose – While Cass is a companion, she and the player gain Damage Threshold when they drink Whiskey. Additionally, the player does not suffer intelligence loss from consuming alcohol and ignores the negative effects of alcohol addiction

Name: Lillian Marie Bowen

Race: Super Mutant

Perk: Stealth Girl – While Lily is a companion, the duration of Stealth Boys is increased by 200% and all Sneak Attack Critical Hits do an additional 10% damage

Name: Raul Alfonso Tejada

Race: Ghoul

Perk: Regular Maintenance – While Raul is a companion, the Condition of weapons and armor decays 50% slower

Name: Veronica Renata Santangelo

Race: Human

Perk: Scribe Assistant – while Veronica is a companion, the player can craft Workbench items through Veronica’s dialogue


Name: Eyebot (Duraframe) – Subject E

Race: Robot

Perk: Enhanced Sensors – while ED-E is a companion, the player can detect enemies at an increased range. Additionally, enemies will appear on the player’s compass and can be targeted in V.A.T.S. even when cloaked

Name: Cyber-Hound Mk. III, LEO Support Model, Serial Number B955883

Race: Cyborg

Perk: Search and Mark – While Rex is a companion, unequipped chems, firearms, and ammunition within a short distance are highlighted when you zoom the camera

You are allowed one human and one non-human at a time and their perks become active the moment you hire them, each one is unique to keep varying the perks of the human and non-human allies.

Fallout New Vegas is released on October 22nd on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC

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