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First Impressions: Fist of the North Star Demo

With the release of the Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage demo released recently, I’ve got to play the demo and even though I was eagerly awaiting it to arrive, be warned, don’t expect too much from this demo.

In the demo, you only have access to the main story mode and the options menu, as you start playing, you get the choice of either Kenshiro or Rei. Each character just has 1 level to complete, when playing as Kenshiro, the level you play is a boss battle against his fellow “brother”, Jagi.

As Rei you play a full stage with boss, so you will get more fun out of Rei’s stage than Kenshiro’s, as Rei, you are progressing through the wasteland trying to find his sister, if anyone has seen the original anime, you will recognise the scenario. During his level, you will bump into a mini quest to save some civilians from the raiders, have a short boss battle against Kenshiro and then fight the gang leader.

Everyone’s opinions differ so what I might consider bad or good, you’ll think differently but here is my opinion so far from what I’ve experienced in the demo:

  • The fighting itself is quite enjoyable, many combinations and the super moves are good to watch
  • The movement is a little sluggish, it may take some getting used to
  • The english voice acting could be worse but it’s far from best (Advise using the Japanese voice option)
  • Graphically, it’s good looking, characters have plenty of colour and it’s not over-done
  • Music suit the theme of the whole game, mixture of orchestral and metal works
  • The demo is too short, one stage and a boss level is nothing to get giddy about

To put a long story short, don’t get high hopes over the game, it’s mainly aimed at hardcore fans of Hokuto no Ken and strangely, Mortal Kombat lovers if you like seeing people explode and lots of gore. The game is a 18+ (Mature) due to it’s extreme blood, guts and violence but try not to let it put you off.

One thing you’ll notice is when you have english voices on, the characters always describe their special moves in japanese so it’s best to have the game with the japanese voices instead as it’s much better, believe me, the english voices could be better in most ways but it’s upto you what you do with the voices.

It’s fun to play with but the demo barely says anything about the game as a whole so for safety reasons, I’d advise renting the game upon release rather than purchasing the game and regretting it later.

The full game is released in Europe on November 5th and November 2nd in America, it will be out for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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