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Fallout New Vegas Unique Weapon Locations

Here is a short list of unique weapons locations in Fallout New Vegas, some you may not be able to get and some you might have just missed but keep this in mind next time you start the game again!

Pushy (Unarmed) – Ruby Hill Mine (On the body of a Jackel Gang member inside the mine)

Oh, Baby! (Melee) – Charleston Cave (Found near a Chewed Stealth Boy in the deepest of the cave)

AER14 Prototype (Energy) – Vault 22 (Found inside the Common Area, at the block stairway that can only be accessed by the lower floor)

Love and Hate (Unarmed) – Bonnie Springs (On the Viper Gang Leader in the area)

Alien Blaster (Energy) – Hovering Anomaly (Found on one of the aliens near the hovering spaceship, MUST  HAVE WILD WASTELAND PERK ACTIVE)

YCS/186 (Energy) – Mercenary Camp (Found in the area, MUST NOT HAVE WILD WASTELAND PERK ACTIVE)

Vance’s Submachine Gun (Gun) – Wins Hideout (Inside the safe)

Pew Pew (Energy) – Sunset Sarsaparilla HQ (On the body of Allen Marks after the Legend Of The Star is completed)

Cram Opener (Unarmed) – Camp McCarran (Owned by Little Buster)

La Longue Carabine (Gun) – Camp McCarran (Owned by Corporal Sterling)

This Machine (Gun) – Camp McCarran (Rewarded by Contreras if you DON’T turn him in at the end of the Free Quest: Dealing with Contreras)

Q-35 Matter Modulator (Energy) – REPCONN HQ (Found in a pod casement in the locked shipping room)

Nephi’s Golf Driver (Melee) – Samson Rock Crushing Plant (Carried by Driver Nephi)

Euclid’s C-Finder (Energy) – Mick & Ralph’s (Carried by Max)

Figaro (Melee) – King’s School of Impersonation (Owned by Sergio)

Golden Gloves (Unarmed) – Lucky 38 (On the upper bar of the casino floor)

Maria (Gun) – Tops Casino (On Benny when you kill him)

The Humble Cudgel (Melee) – Sealed Sewers (Found near a Prospector’s corpse)

Thump-Thump (Explosive) – Nellis Array (Lying on the floor near the Ant Mound)

Kid LE BB Gun (Gun) – Fields’ Shack (Found lying on a shelf inside the shack)

CZ57 Avenger (Gun) – The Devil’s Throat (Inside the container truck, by the dead body)

All-American (Gun) – Vault 34 (On a upturned table in the armoury)

Pulse Gun (Energy) – Vault 34 (In a armoury cache)

Blade of the East (Melee) – Legate’s Camp (Carried by Legate Lanius)

Mysterious Magnum (Gun) – Sunset Sarsaparilla Billboard (Owned by the Lonesome Drifter near the billboard which is on El Dorado Dry Lake)

Fat Man (Explosive) – Quarry Junction (Near a skeleton corpse by the southern pool with mini nukes on the other side of the Quarry)

Lucky (Gun) – Primm (In the floor safe inside the cashier’s area in Vikki and Vance)

Chance’s Knife (Melee) – Chance’s Grave

Annabelle (Explosives) – Black Mountain (Carried by a Nightkin Sniper on the summit)

Paladin Toaster (Unarmed) – Black Rock Cave (Near the body of a dead prospector)

Big Boomer (Gun) – Gibson Scrap Yard (Carried by Old Lady Gibson)

That Gun (Gun) – Novac (On a shelf in the locked storage room inside the Dino Bite Gift Shop or you could purchase it from the shop owner)

Mercy (Explosive) – Dead Wind Cavern (On the floor, near the body of a dead brotherhood of steel paladin)

Ratslayer (Gun) – Broc Flower Cave (Propped up against the desk)

Liberator (Melee) – Nelson (Carried by Dead Sea)

Chopper (Melee) – Wolfhorn Ranch (Found on the stove in the shack)

Holy Frag Grenade (Explosive) – Camp Searchlight (Three available, in the basement of the eastern church, WILD WASTELAND PERK MUST BE ACTIVE)

Knock Knock (Melee) – Camp Searchlight (Found in the restrooms on the upper floor of the fire station)

Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle (Gun) – Sniper’s Nest (In the footlocker of the nest, overlooking Cottonwood Cove)

Recompense of the Fallen (Unarmed) – Cottonwood Cove (Found in Aurelius’ desk on the upper floor)

Dinner Bell (Gun) – Old Nuclear Test Site (Inside the shack)

Tesla Beaton Prototype (Energy) – Crashed Vertibird (On the ground near the crashed vertibird)

Hope this helps all you Fallout New Vegas players, you won’t be able to get them all so just aim for the ones you think are best!

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