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TNA Turning Point PPV Results

TNA Pay-Per-View

Turning Point

November 7th 2010


Match 1 – Jay Lethal vs Robbie E (X Division Title)

Winner – Robbie E

Match 2 – Mickie James vs Tara

Winner – N/A

Match 3 – Motor City Machine Guns vs Team 3D (Tag Titles vs Team 3D’s career)

Winner – Motor City Machine Guns

Match 4 – Tommy Dreamer vs Rob Van Dam

Winner – RVD

Match 5 – EV2 vs Fortune (Winning team picks opponent to be fired)

Winner – Fortune (Sabu is chosen and fired)

Match 6 – The Pope vs Abyss (Lumberjack Match)

Winner – Abyss

Match 7 – Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett

Winner – Jeff Jarrett

Match 8 – Jeff Hardy vs Matt Morgan (TNA World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Overall – The PPV was kinda all over the place at times, best matches of the night was the Team 3D vs MCMG and the main event with Jeff Hardy and Matt Morgan wasn’t so bad either, the rest of them could’ve done with some work but not too bad I suppose.

Next TNA PPV : Final Resolution on December 5th


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