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Killzone 3 BETA Released

If you have the Playstation Network Plus Premium Service, you have the privilege to try out the Killzone 3 BETA demo as of today, it’s a PSN Plus exclusive at the moment so normal PSN members won’t be able to try this for some time.

I have downloaded it and given it a try and I must say, I am amazed by this, the graphics are fantastic, very fluid motions of movement, there are alot of the odd bugs but it is in the BETA trial after all, it’s not perfect but what a example of PS3’s power, all I can say is this might give Call of Duty a run for it’s money.

If your not into games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honour but love shooters then Killzone maybe the perfect game for you.

In the BETA you have a Multiplayer or Vs Bots modes and you have a chance to try out the Warzone mode type of battle which is all types of gameplays into one, this is a fantastic mode type for multiplayer, since it lets you play all modes at once, the game time is large and give you the opportunity to know and master types such as Assassination, Checkpoints and Search and Destroy matches.

You can play as both Helghast and ISA but not in the same area, you have 3 levels to choose, one allows you to play Helghast, the other you play as ISA and the other one you can choose so you can try the best of both worlds, and have a vast selection of Primary, Secondary and Special weapons and equipment so you can choose which sort of shooter you are along with choosing of class which gives you special abilities to aid you and your allies.

If you have PSN Plus, you must download it and give it a try, it’s free to download and play so it’s worth a shot at least, if you are not keen on playing with other human players, try the Vs Bots mode, you can have upto 15 bots in one game which is massive and very busy.

Graphics – 9

Sound – 8.5

Playability – 9

Reliability – 8

Overall – 8.7

Even though it’s in the BETA version, it provides alot of promise and might be worth purchasing the full game, games like this provide hours and hours of fun just for multiplayer alone and since the BETA is free, you should download it and give it a try at least!

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