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WWE Survivor Series Results


Survivor Series

21st November 2010



Match 1 – Daniel Bryan vs Ted DiBiase Jr (US Title)

Winner – Daniel Bryan

Match 2 – John Morrison vs Sheamus

Winner – John Morrison

Match 3 – Dolph Ziggler vs Kaval (Intercontinental Title)

Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Match 4 – Team Rey Mysterio vs Team Alberto Del Rio (Survivor Series Elimination Tag)

Winner – Team Rey (Rey and Big Show were remaining)

Match 5 – Natalya vs Lay-Cool (Handicap Match for Unified Divas Title)

Winner – Natalya (Beth Phoenix made a return and helped Natalya out)

Match 6 – Kane vs Edge (World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – No Contest (Double Pin)

Match 7 – Nexus vs Santino and Kozlov (WWE Tag Team Titles)

Winner – Nexus

Match 8 – Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett (WWE Championship – Randy Wins = Cena’s Fired/Wade Wins = Cena’s Free from Nexus)

Winner – Randy Orton (John Cena is Fired from WWE)


Overall – A very good PPV although the championship matches were a little disappointing, especially the Kane/Edge match, must be the worst match of the night, even the divas match was decent and nice to see the return of Beth Phoenix.

What happens now between Nexus and John Cena shall hopefully become clear tonight on RAW, only 2 things can happen really for Cena, either he takes a short break from WWE or he joins Smackdown a little later on in December/January.


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