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Dead Rising 2: Case West

From Capcom comes a new DLC (Well, more like a separate Xbox Live Arcade game) for the zombie horror/comedy video game, Dead Rising 2.

The new content labelled, Dead Rising 2: Case West, is to be released on Xbox Live sometime next month and will see you return as Chuck Green as he tries to investigate the sinister Phenotrans facility to uncover the pharmaceutical company’s involvement in the Fortune City outbreak, but….. He isn’t alone in the fight.

Chuck bumps into a familiar face, the guy that was involved in the first outbreak those years ago, he is Frank West and together they team up to take on the horde of zombies in order to find the truth behind Phenotrans’ actions to all the outbreaks!

There will be new weapons to use and more crazy weapon combos to find and create to make zombie hunting that little more interesting (And possibly even more funny), as you probably might expect, some people would be questioning if there can be a co-op to play as both or even just to play as Frank West, we will just have to wait and see!


Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST  Gallery

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