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Ziedrich’s Blog News 2

Another quick news post from me!

To those who don’t really keep up with the Playstation Network updates, I know some people still consider Thursday as the PSN update but in recent months, the PSN update is has been moved to Wednesdays so make a note of that if you haven’t already.


To those who have a Playstation Network Plus membership, there will be a change in the offers and exclusive stuff from tomorrow 1st December so to those that have the membership, keep a look out for those new downloadable contents!


To those who play Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage, there will be new DLC content out now for Xbox 360 and tomorrow on Playstation Network.

The new DLC will be an additional outfit for the character Jagi and even more bonus missions in Challenge Mode.


To those who play the Sly Raccoon games from Insomniac Games, well, if you own a PS3, you are in luck!

The Sly Collection will be released on Friday 3rd December in Europe, the game contains all 3 Sly games and I must say, I have played the first 2 and found them pretty decent.


Another game that is being released on December 3rd in Europe is BlazBlue: Continuum Shift for PS3 and Xbox 360.

This sequel continues after the events of the first BlazBlue games, Calamity Trigger, the 2D anime fighter is action packed with fast-paced brawls, plenty of characters and deep story-plots, so if your a fan of anime fighting games, put this on your Xmas list!


Thats it from me, I’ll update soon with more news as I get round to them!


Martin aka Ziedrich

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