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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Yeah, that’s right! Street Fighter IV returns for even more chaos and even more characters, it just can’t get any bigger than this can it!?

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Try saying that in one breath or drunk, haha!) will feature more action, more moves, well, just about more everything!

From what I heard so far there will be several new characters, some may come in future DLCs but not 100% sure of that, the new characters comes in the form of the returning Yin and Yang from Street Fighter III with more to be announced later on.


The video I will embedded at the bottom of this post will show that like SSFIV, you can carry over the data from the other SFIV games into the Arcade version for more extras and unlockables but the biggest puzzle to some people is the return of Evil Ryu and a new, yes, NEW version of Akuma! Some say it’s Shin Akuma but from the resources I have got all this information from, it’s a brand new Akuma form, god knows what it is, seriously, is there anything more powerful and annoying than Shin Akuma!?!?

The game is released later on in December for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 with possible DLCs to purchase and download later in the future, if it is released before Christmas, it could be one of the ultimate gifts for the fellow gamer!


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