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TNA Final Resolution Results


Final Resolution

5th December 2010



Match 1 – Ink Inc vs Beer Money (#1 contender for tag titles)

Winner – Beer Money

Match 2 – Mickie James vs Tara (Falls Count Anywhere)

Winner – Tara

Match 3 – Robbie E vs Jay Lethal (X Division title with Cookie suspended in cage)

Winner – Robbie E (by DQ)

Match 4 – Rob Van Dam vs Rhino (First Blood Match)

Winner – Rob Van Dam

Match 5 – AJ Styles vs Doug Williams (TV Title)

Winner – Doug Williams

Match 6 – Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me (Full Metal Mayhem for Tag Titles)

Winner – Motor City Machine Guns

Match 7 – D’Angelo Dinero vs Abyss (Casket Match)

Winner – Abyss

Match 8 – Jeff Jarrett vs Samoa Joe (Submission Match)

Winner – Jeff Jarrett

Match 9 – Jeff Hardy vs Matt Morgan (With Mr.Anderson as special referee for the TNA World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – Jeff Hardy


Overall – It was a OK PPV, couple of over-advertised matches, from what I heard from PWTorch, Jeff Hardy was nearly taken off the championship match due to being “Hammered” backstage a few hours before the PPV started.

The tag team division seems to always be TNA’s main strong point, the motor city machine guns always deliver good tag matches, while the X division has just withered down to almost nothing really, TNA really needs to spice up their story plots and each division in order to get good results.

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