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Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money Trailer

Bethesda, the company behind Elder Scrolls and Fallout, has released an exclusive trailer to the upcoming New Vegas DLC, Dead Money.  (You can see the trailer at the bottom of this post)

From what it sounds like, you and several other have been captured and been rigged with explosive collars (Pretty common in Fallout, must be some sort of fetish, haha! I’m joking), don’t do what this stranger says and it will be the end of you, do it right and he will let you go but there is a twist. A few others have become slaves also and the rules state that if one dies, all will die, so you have to try your best to keep your newly found friends alive while completing this slaver’s mission.

Sounds really fun! Can’t wait to purchase it myself, the DLC will be released globally on the 21st of December 2010 for Xbox 360 and early next year for PC and PS3. So for 360 owners of New Vegas, you could say this is Bethesda’s way of saying “Merry Christmas!” for you able to get the DLC first and before Xmas day too! What a great way to spend Xmas, playing Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money!


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