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Royal Rumble 2011 Results

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

WWE Pay-Per-View

Royal Rumble 2011

30th January



Match 1 – Edge vs Dolph Ziggler (World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – Edge

Match 2 – The Miz vs Randy Orton (WWE Title)

Winner – The Miz

Match 3 – Natalya vs Eve vs Michelle McCool vs Layla (Four way for Divas championship)

Winner – Eve

Match 4 – The 40-Man Royal Rumble Match (In order of entry)

  1. C.M. Punk (Eliminated by John Cena)
  2. Daniel Bryan (Eliminated by Husky Harris)
  3. Justin Gabriel (Eliminated by Daniel Bryan)
  4. Zack Ryder (Eliminated by Daniel Bryan)
  5. William Regel (Eliminated by Ted DiBiase)
  6. Ted DiBiase (Eliminated by Husky Harris)
  7. John Morrison (Eliminated by Nexus)
  8. Yoshi Tatsu (Eliminated by Mark Henry)
  9. Husky Harris (Eliminated by Great Khali)
  10. Chavo Guerrero (Eliminated by Mark Henry)
  11. Mark Henry (Eliminated by Nexus)
  12. JTG (Eliminated by MaGillicutty)
  13. Michael MaGillicutty (Eliminated by John Cena)
  14. Chris Masters (Eliminated by C.M. Punk)
  15. David Otunga (Eliminated by John Cena)
  16. Tyler Reks (Eliminated by Nexus)
  17. Koslov (Eliminated by C.M. Punk)
  18. R-Truth (Eliminated by C.M. Punk)
  19. Great Khali (Eliminated by Mason Ryan)
  20. Mason Ryan (Eliminated by John Cena)
  21. Booker T (Eliminated by Mason Ryan)
  22. John Cena (Eliminated by The Miz)
  23. Hornswoggle (Eliminated by Sheamus)
  24. Tyson Kidd (Eliminated by John Cena)
  25. Heath Slater (Eliminated by John Cena)
  26. Kofi Kingston (Eliminated by Randy Orton)
  27. Jack Swagger (Eliminated by Rey Mysterio)
  28. Sheamus (Eliminated by Randy Orton)
  29. Rey Mysterio (Eliminated by Wade Barrett)
  30. Wade Barrett (Eliminated by Alberto Del Rio)
  31. Dolph Ziggler (Eliminated by Big Show)
  32. Kevin Nash (Eliminated by Wade Barrett)
  33. Drew McIntyre (Eliminated by Big Show)
  34. Alex Riley (Matt Striker said he was eliminated but not sure by whom)
  35. Big Show (Eliminated by Ezekiel Jackson)
  36. Ezekiel Jackson (Eliminated by Kane)
  37. Santino (Eliminated by Alberto Del Rio)
  38. Alberto Del Rio (Winner of the Royal Rumble)
  39. Randy Orton (Eliminated by Wade Barrett)
  40. Kane (Eliminated by Rey Mysterio)

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Overall – The rumble match itself was just a mess, it was one of the worst rumble matches in years! The divas match was also boring, only the Edge/Ziggler and Orton/Miz matches were worth watching but other than that, it wasn’t a good PPV at all.

Next WWE Pay-Per-View – Elimination Chamber


Lu Bu revealed for Dynasty Warriors 7

January 31, 2011 2 comments

Lu Bu has finally been revealed for Dynasty Warriors 7, it’s been bothering most fans for ages to see what the mightest warriors of the three kingdoms would look like in the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 7 (Shin Sangokumusou 6 in Japan).

The picture below was taken from the Dynasty Warriors 7 facebook page and it shows Lu Bu on a promotional poster for Shin Sangokumusou 6, the picture isn’t great but it’s enough to get a good look at the man himself.

He looks pretty good actually, not like the armoured beetle version of him in Dynasty Warriors 6 and Lu Bu originally had long hair if you read the books based on the three kingdoms era. I’m sure fans, or at least most of them, should be happy with the new Lu Bu coz I sure am!

FotNS: Ken’s Rage – Outlaw Footage

January 30, 2011 Leave a comment


Me and a staff member from Hokuto Destiny got to meet during the weekend and as promised to our Hokuto Destiny fans, we managed to record a 14+ minute footage of the Ken’s Rage DLC playable character, Outlaw. Me and Lee provided a bit of commentary to how Outlaw works, his ups and downs, aswell as some of his signature moves.

Watch the video below and see for yourself! (Subscribe to Ziedrich’s YouTube channel on and for Hokuto fans, subscribe to the Hokuto Destiny YouTube channel on )



Ziedrich’s Diary 2 – Good, Bad & The Odd

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

The end to a busy month, January has been a stressful start to 2011, with the cold temps, extremely busy work and plenty to plan for upcoming events.

It’s good to hear that TNA has finally sorted things out with SKY about giving them a time slot in their channels, it’s very odd though that they decided to move them to Challenge TV, this channel is home to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Price Is Right, Takashi’s Castle, etc. It will seem kinda out of place once TNA start invading the channel but still, here’s to hoping that TNA stay on SKY’s good side.

Another good thing for me is that the new series of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena has found a channel to host too, SKY 1 has taken it and will hopefully be showing early this year, can’t wait for it!!!

One very odd thing I’ve seen recently, and I’m sure many of you WWE fans noticed it too. The recent arrival of Mason Ryan, the newest member of C.M. Punk’s New Nexus, looks awfully similar to that of ex-WWE wrestler, Batista, look at the picture below and see if you can spot the similarity

Freaky or what!? Is it showing that WWE miss Batista or that Mason considers Batista as his idol? Who knows, to those who wonder about Mason, he is from Wales, the announcement said Cardiff but I read up recently that he isn’t from there, but I forgot where he real hometown is in Wales.

On Friday the 28th Jan, I will have a friend of mine coming over to stay for a few days, met him on Facebook and he and I work for Hokuto Destiny so this will be our first encounter with each other, we will be doing some stuff for the website, mostly the video footage of the DLC Outlaw so look out for that!

I recently pre-ordered the upcoming fighting game, Marvel vs Capcom 3. I’ve seen loads of videos of this and it’s just crazy, very crazy! It’s close to release, Feb 18th, but they are still adding more characters, they recently released footage of Akuma, Taskmaster and there are still news of new characters being added. Seriously, this could be one of the ultimate fighting games and may even prove to be a good candidate for fighting game of the year.

After much thinking over the course of this week, I’ve decided to revive and work on my Fallen Twilight story soon, I will probably start to work on it again around mid to late february, I will let you know what I get started on it again!

I’m going to leave it at that today, another diary entry next week!

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Fallout fan makes Nuka Cola advert

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment


I recently found a link to this website via Fallout Wikia and it shows a fan of Fallout doing his own Nuka Cola advert. I must say, Kudos to that fellow and a job well done, I love this!

Here is the link to the website showing the advert:

This is what the guy who made the advert said on the website page:

“I designed my own Fallout 3 Nuka Cola bottles. I created the caps, labels, and printed out labels to cover over a standard rootbeer 6 pack container. I also put some coca cola bottles into a nearby vat of nuclear waste to add a bit of radiation for taste.”

The advert maybe just 4 still images but the effort the guy did to make this possible is just superb, mate, my hat is off to you, brilliant effort!!!


List of 28 wrestlers advertised for 2011 Royal Rumble

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment



Here is a list of the 28 wrestlers advertised for this year’s Royal Rumble special 40-man match (List was taken from

  1. Alberto Del Rio
  2. C.M. Punk
  3. Cody Rhodes
  4. Daniel Bryan
  5. Darran Young
  6. David Hart Smith
  7. David Otunga
  8. Drew McIntyre
  9. Ezekiel Jackson
  10. Heath Slater
  11. Husky Harris
  12. Jack Swagger
  13. John Cena
  14. John Morrison
  15. Justin Gabriel
  16. Mark Henry
  17. Mason Ryan
  18. Michael McGillicutty
  19. Primo
  20. R-Truth
  21. Rey Mysterio
  22. Sheamus
  23. Ted DiBiase
  24. Tyson Kidd
  25. Wade Barrett
  26. William Regel
  27. Yoshi Tatsu
  28. Zack Ryder


There is still 12 more participants left to be announced, some will remain a secret and some will may find out on this friday’s Smackdown, with the Royal Rumble this sunday, it’s getting tense!

I will post up the results of the 2011 Royal Rumble next Monday night, look out for it!

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Dead Space 2 in Dragon Age II?

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment


I kid you not! I was looking through my Twitter page today and saw a post from the EA account (Go to or follow them on Twitter @electronicarts) about Dead Space 2 material in Dragon Age 2, I just had to take a look!

Here is how it goes, the armour of Isaac Clarke will be a DLC armour set to be used in Dragon Age 2 as part of a so called working coalition between Visceral Games and BioWare. This armour set, believe it or not, will be called “The Ser Isaac of Clarke” (How cheesy can you get? I was laughing for about 5 minutes!)

In order to get this DLC for Dragon Age 2, you will require to buy the Dead Space 2 game (And make sure that both games are for the same console!!!), the code can be found on the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Dead Space 2, although PS3 owners of the game will have to visit the and follow the instructions there.

The EA website even says what each part of the armour gives you when wearing each part of the set:

Isaac’s Armour

  • Heavy Armour
  • Contains a rune slot
  • Increases armour
  • Requires high dexterity and cunning

Isaac’s Boots

  • Increases armour
  • Requires high dexterity and cunning

Isaac’s Gauntlets

  • Increases armour
  • Requires high dexterity and cunning

Isaac’s Helm

  • Contains a rune slot
  • Increases armour
  • Critical damage factor Requires high dexterity and cunning


There is, however, a time limit to how long the codes can be used for, but it’s a MASSIVE time gap, the codes for the armour set will expire on the end of March 2012, so you go PLENTY of time to get a copy of both Dragon Age 2 and Dead Space 2 and receive the special armour set to use in Dragon Age 2.

Thanks to EA for sharing this information!!!

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