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Matt Hardy Joins TNA

It’s now official, Matt Hardy has joined Total Non-stop Action (TNA), he made his debut on TNA’s first Pay-Per-View of 2011, Genesis.

He started off his debut  to the company with a match with Rob Van Dam on the Genesis PPV which ended with Matt Hardy taking the victory over RVD but the match wasn’t really anything to go by and Matt himself (Look at the picture), he isn’t on one of his better days, he has changed his hair style of a more of Raven/Tyler Reks style which doesn’t suit him and could do with some slimming down a little (Sorry about that Matt >_< ).

It is still nice to see the other half of the Hardy Boys back in action and I wonder if we will see a reunion of the Hardys, it’s possibly but I doubt it’s very soon, he has to get a foothold of TNA before doing anything big, by the looks of things in Genesis, Matt could be having a rivalry with Rob Van Dam. I’m sort of looking forward to it but only time will tell I suppose…..

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  1. May 7, 2011 at 13:01

    I want to put The TNA Matt Hardy on my profile pic can someone help me please

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