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Ziedrich’s Diary 1 – New Year, New Start

I think it’s about time I started making diary posts, since I’ve been lacking in updates recently, the new year has started off extremely busy.

It’s been a busy January and yet it’s only halfway through the month, work has been starting to creep up after a dismal December. Weather here is about as random as a cat on roller skates (Unless it’s a trained cat then it’s not so WTF), speaking of weather, I feel sorry for what Australia has been through with the floods and everything, they say it’s calming down but as far as I’m aware, it’s still spreading.

With the VAT increase, raise in unemployment and fuel prices at a all time high, the UK is really struggling to keep up with the big financial difficulties. Politics is really going downhill recently and I’m trying to see the big picture to what they are asking from us but it just seems difficult.

Anyway, towards my gaming of the diary. *Ahem!*

My most played game recently is Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, I’m very much enjoying the game, although I dislike the online modes, I expected a sort of MMO feel where we travel the whole of Rome whilst making friends and enemies and doing missions.

The recuritment and assassin helpers system I’m loving, I get into big fights on purpose just to use them, haha! When they reach assassino rank, they are pretty much a real bugger to kill!

I also switch back and forth between WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 and Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage, they are both great games but both do have their flaws (If you read my review on Ken’s Rage, you’ll know my opinions on it), alas, Ken’s Rage has now released all it’s DLCs, I would’ve like to play with more characters since 10 characters isn’t a awful lot at all, but still, liking the original outfits and bonus challenges!

Another thing I’m disappointed in is the recent DLC pack for S vs R 2011, it doesn’t contain all of the Nexus, surely they would add Health Slater to the DLC.

I’ve pre-ordered my signature edition of Dragon Age II, should be a good game, Bioware have now stopped the automatic upgrade to signature edition so most people now will just get normal copies. That will be out on March 11th with Mass Effect 3 scedualed for later summer, they are on such a role have Bioware, very popular game series, Dragon Age becoming an anime made by FUNimation and Mass Effect is…. Well, Mass Effect, nuff said really!

The game I’m mostly looking forward to is Dynasty Warriors 7, I’ve been a DW nut since the second one came out back in 2000, the news of a online co-op is just great to hear, let’s hope it’s true, the return of a few characters is always good to hear along with aload of new characters added and a new army into the game, it’s all so refreshing!

Anyway, I’m going to leave it there for the moment and talk some more in my next diary blog post!

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