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Ziedrich’s Diary 2 – Good, Bad & The Odd

The end to a busy month, January has been a stressful start to 2011, with the cold temps, extremely busy work and plenty to plan for upcoming events.

It’s good to hear that TNA has finally sorted things out with SKY about giving them a time slot in their channels, it’s very odd though that they decided to move them to Challenge TV, this channel is home to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Price Is Right, Takashi’s Castle, etc. It will seem kinda out of place once TNA start invading the channel but still, here’s to hoping that TNA stay on SKY’s good side.

Another good thing for me is that the new series of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena has found a channel to host too, SKY 1 has taken it and will hopefully be showing early this year, can’t wait for it!!!

One very odd thing I’ve seen recently, and I’m sure many of you WWE fans noticed it too. The recent arrival of Mason Ryan, the newest member of C.M. Punk’s New Nexus, looks awfully similar to that of ex-WWE wrestler, Batista, look at the picture below and see if you can spot the similarity

Freaky or what!? Is it showing that WWE miss Batista or that Mason considers Batista as his idol? Who knows, to those who wonder about Mason, he is from Wales, the announcement said Cardiff but I read up recently that he isn’t from there, but I forgot where he real hometown is in Wales.

On Friday the 28th Jan, I will have a friend of mine coming over to stay for a few days, met him on Facebook and he and I work for Hokuto Destiny so this will be our first encounter with each other, we will be doing some stuff for the website, mostly the video footage of the DLC Outlaw so look out for that!

I recently pre-ordered the upcoming fighting game, Marvel vs Capcom 3. I’ve seen loads of videos of this and it’s just crazy, very crazy! It’s close to release, Feb 18th, but they are still adding more characters, they recently released footage of Akuma, Taskmaster and there are still news of new characters being added. Seriously, this could be one of the ultimate fighting games and may even prove to be a good candidate for fighting game of the year.

After much thinking over the course of this week, I’ve decided to revive and work on my Fallen Twilight story soon, I will probably start to work on it again around mid to late february, I will let you know what I get started on it again!

I’m going to leave it at that today, another diary entry next week!

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