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Royal Rumble 2011 Results

WWE Pay-Per-View

Royal Rumble 2011

30th January



Match 1 – Edge vs Dolph Ziggler (World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – Edge

Match 2 – The Miz vs Randy Orton (WWE Title)

Winner – The Miz

Match 3 – Natalya vs Eve vs Michelle McCool vs Layla (Four way for Divas championship)

Winner – Eve

Match 4 – The 40-Man Royal Rumble Match (In order of entry)

  1. C.M. Punk (Eliminated by John Cena)
  2. Daniel Bryan (Eliminated by Husky Harris)
  3. Justin Gabriel (Eliminated by Daniel Bryan)
  4. Zack Ryder (Eliminated by Daniel Bryan)
  5. William Regel (Eliminated by Ted DiBiase)
  6. Ted DiBiase (Eliminated by Husky Harris)
  7. John Morrison (Eliminated by Nexus)
  8. Yoshi Tatsu (Eliminated by Mark Henry)
  9. Husky Harris (Eliminated by Great Khali)
  10. Chavo Guerrero (Eliminated by Mark Henry)
  11. Mark Henry (Eliminated by Nexus)
  12. JTG (Eliminated by MaGillicutty)
  13. Michael MaGillicutty (Eliminated by John Cena)
  14. Chris Masters (Eliminated by C.M. Punk)
  15. David Otunga (Eliminated by John Cena)
  16. Tyler Reks (Eliminated by Nexus)
  17. Koslov (Eliminated by C.M. Punk)
  18. R-Truth (Eliminated by C.M. Punk)
  19. Great Khali (Eliminated by Mason Ryan)
  20. Mason Ryan (Eliminated by John Cena)
  21. Booker T (Eliminated by Mason Ryan)
  22. John Cena (Eliminated by The Miz)
  23. Hornswoggle (Eliminated by Sheamus)
  24. Tyson Kidd (Eliminated by John Cena)
  25. Heath Slater (Eliminated by John Cena)
  26. Kofi Kingston (Eliminated by Randy Orton)
  27. Jack Swagger (Eliminated by Rey Mysterio)
  28. Sheamus (Eliminated by Randy Orton)
  29. Rey Mysterio (Eliminated by Wade Barrett)
  30. Wade Barrett (Eliminated by Alberto Del Rio)
  31. Dolph Ziggler (Eliminated by Big Show)
  32. Kevin Nash (Eliminated by Wade Barrett)
  33. Drew McIntyre (Eliminated by Big Show)
  34. Alex Riley (Matt Striker said he was eliminated but not sure by whom)
  35. Big Show (Eliminated by Ezekiel Jackson)
  36. Ezekiel Jackson (Eliminated by Kane)
  37. Santino (Eliminated by Alberto Del Rio)
  38. Alberto Del Rio (Winner of the Royal Rumble)
  39. Randy Orton (Eliminated by Wade Barrett)
  40. Kane (Eliminated by Rey Mysterio)

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Overall – The rumble match itself was just a mess, it was one of the worst rumble matches in years! The divas match was also boring, only the Edge/Ziggler and Orton/Miz matches were worth watching but other than that, it wasn’t a good PPV at all.

Next WWE Pay-Per-View – Elimination Chamber

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