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Feb 21st – The Return of The Undertaker?


I was reading up on one of my wrestling information applications today and I noticed a recent update on the mystery man in the teaser video during the 31st Jan’s WWE RAW, the video showed a man wearing black boots and coat walking through a dark, damp and raining scene and it said the date, 21/2/2011.

From this information app I got this information from, they said that from the “Save Mart Center” website,  the mystery man was leaked, but it could be false, we shall never know for certain until closer till the date of the announcement, anyway, the website leaked that the date is none other than the return of The Undertaker.

Again, this could be jumping the gun but its the closest thing to an answer as we are going to get, other than the Undertaker, only Sting wears a similar outfit but the scenery suits more of the Undertaker.

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