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My fan fiction – Just Cause: Blood of Panau

My upcoming fan fiction has finally got underway after I finished with a rough wallpaper poster of the fan fic, me and a friend of mine are making.

The fan fiction is a cross-over, it mixes two games together into one story with a twist, the story is called Just Cause: Blood of Panau, it’s based on the Just Cause 2 storyline but with a twist of WET characters and story blending.

Here is a guideline to what the story is about, Rubi, after the events of WET, was about to take things easy when she gets one final mission with enough cash to last her many years without work, the mission was the help out a agent who is working undercover. The mission was to help this undercover agent kill the president of Panau (A sort of fictional africa), the agent just had a nickname that he goes by, The Scorpion or Scorpio, but some of the people that Rubi though she killed, during her last mission, has returned and teamed up with the president of Panau in order to full conquer the entire country.

The reason for the name, Blood of Panau, in the game WET, the actual word WET is a term for blood and since the story is set in the fictional country, Panau, it will make sense when you give it a good think through.

As I said before, I have finished with the wallpaper poster, although it shows Rico from Just Cause 1, the story is based on the second game but this is just a rough poster so it won’t be the final product for the story.


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