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TNA Against All Odds 2011 Results


Against All Odds 2011

February 13th



Match 1 – Robbie E vs Max Buck vs Jeremy Buck (#1 Contender match for X-Division title)

Winner – Robbie E (He won by default as both Bucks had travelling issues which led to them no competing)

Match 2 – Kazarian vs Robbie E (X-Divison title match)

Winner – Kazarian

Match 3 – Beer Money + Scott Steiner vs Rob Terry + Gunner + Murphy

Winner – Beer Money & Steiner

Match 4 – Samoa Joe vs The Pope

Winner – Samoa Joe

Match 5 – Madison Rayne vs Mickie James (Knockout Title match, Last Knockout Standing)

Winner – Madison Rayne

Match 6 – Rob Van Dam vs Matt Hardy

Winner – Rob Van Dam

Match 7 – Brother Devon vs Bully Ray (Street fight)

Winner – Bully Ray

Match 8 – Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jerrett (Angle gets custody if he wins, Angle walks Karen does the aisle if Jeff wins)

Winner – Jeff Jerrett

Match 9 – Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy (World Heavyweight Title, Ladder match)

Winner – Jeff Hardy


Overall – It was a pretty average PPV, some decent matches and some matches kinda dragged itself but I have seen much worse PPVs. Best match of the PPV was the Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jerrett, plenty of tricks going on and good story between the two.

Next TNA PPV – Victory Road

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