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Ziedrich’s Diary 4 – Catching Up


This week has been a pretty awkward week but ended in a high note, a member of staff quit at work at the beginning of this week, the guy was younger than me and only left on the advice of his father apparently. He came into the reception and told my mother, who is the receptionist, that he doesn’t feel like he is cut upto the job, which was weird that this was one of his dream jobs, being a mechanic, he only plays driving video games and even then he is very strict on those games too.

Been getting back to some of my fan fics recently and thinking about new ones, I’m always thinking, always planning new stories to make. I thought about going back to my Fallen Twilight story which isn’t a fan fic, it’s a original story, I’m normally not good at making them but I decided to give it a shot early last year before I made this blog, after making the prologue and first chapter, while making the second part, I suddenly lost interest for some unknown reason. I really got to get back on it, some people on my facebook have started reading it which re-sparked my interest for it, so at some point, possibly March, I will get back to working on it again along with the Just Cause: Blood of Panau fan fic with my friend.

Jerry “The King” Lawler’s mother, Hazel, had her funeral on wednesday, this is very sad news about her death and I can’t blame Lawler for not turning up on RAW the following day. He said he will compete at the Elimination Chamber but, I dunno, something at the back of my mind saying that he might not actually compete due to him being mentally and spiritually broken from the loss of his mother. She died aged 90 which is a very good life lived, most people can barely live beyond 75 these days so he should be happy too, not for living so long but for the fact that her suffering has ended and she can live in peace.

I read up on Sky 1 website recently that Spartacus has found a new home on Sky, since Bravo was taken off air at the start of this year, programs like TNA and Spartacus had no home to show their programs, it took over a month to get everything sorted again. TNA iMPACT, Xplosion and their PPVs are now showing on Challenge, which apparently, is now shown on Freeview aswell as Sky so that’s good for some people who can’t get Sky.

Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena, the second series of Spartacus, is a prequel of the first series and it will start on Monday the 21st March on Sky 1, to see more information on the series, go to to find out more.

Speaking of fighting and wrestling, WWE Elimination Chamber PPV is showing tonight, I will post the results to the Pay-Per-View on monday night, this one is recordable since it will be shown on Sky Sports 1 for UK viewers but incase you miss it, you can just view my blog, tomorrow night, and see the results to the PPV.

Those who have been reading my facebook statuses recently, I have been on a bit of a cinema spree this weekend, reason why is that we haven’t been in over 2 months and we have these cinema cards in which we pay a monthly fee for a year and we can see as many films as we want for free, so we needed to catch up on our movie watching and this weekend was the best chance we had in a long while.

On saturday, me and my fiancee, went to see Paul, a film about a couple of British nerds, who went to america to visit a Comic-Con and see the alien crash sites around Area 51 and Las Vegas, Nevada and bump into an alien called Paul and they try to find a way to get him back home, we loved the film, lots of adult humour and had a few nice twists.

The second film we went to see was on Sunday, called Gnomeo and Juliet, this is one for the kids really but adults will find it good too, it has loads of famous voices in this, such as Michael Caine, Jason Stathom, Ozzy Osbourne, Patrick Stewart, Matt Lucas and Hulk Hogan. It’s basically a gnome version of Shakespeare’s popular play, Romeo and Juliet, good movie but we actually found Paul a better film really.

Thats it for this week, I’ll make another Diary post at some point next week, see ya!

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