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My opinion on the Dragon Age II Demo


The demo to the upcoming game of the year, Dragon Age II, has been released today on Xbox 360 and will soon be released on PSN. Here is what I thought of the demo to what could be 2011’s RPG of the year!


The demo starts off with a cut-scene at the beginning with a seeker of the chantry finding her way to one of the player’s companions and demanding answers to the story and whereabouts of “The Champion” aka your main character, as he tells the story, you are thrown right into the action. The demo itself is actually surprisingly long and it’s looking very promising indeed, I’m actually looking forward to purchasing and playing the full version for when it comes out on March 11th!

The gameplay itself has been polished and the battle system re-vamped, and I mean, seriously re-vamped! The action is no longer target choosing, blocky, slow-paced fighting, this time, you can manually venture to a target of your choosing rather than picking one and watching it all unfold, you are more involved in this battle system, it’s more button-bashing madness this time, rapidly hitting the A button when near/next to a target while pressing the other buttons (X,Y,B) to cast magic/use special moves. The action itself is alot more faster and much much more exciting!

The darkspawn themselves have changed since the first game, they no longer look like orcs from Lord of the Rings, which is a refreshing change. You will face Darkspawn (Melee, Ranged and one Mage), Ogres (2 of them), Raiders (Melee and Ranged) and a boss battle at the end, you will also get to experience the leveling up system and perks, since this is a demo though, you are limited to what perks you can purchase but there is still a fair few to try out.

The disadvantages of the demo version is that you can’t change the difficulty (Stuck on Normal) or your equipment (But you can switch from the first corpse you find when you have compete control of your characters after the first battle) which can make the demo slightly difficult, especially against the Ogres but thanks to the new battle system, you can now go around a target without being randomly hit from your attackers even though you aren’t infront of it anymore, and strike your enemy from behind, this allows better planned strategies during combat and boss battles.

When choosing your character, you can be one of 6 characters, 3 male and 3 female, these are technically the base of your character’s fighting style, Warrior, Rouge and Mage, each class now feels more useful than they every did, the attacks and powers feel more dramatic and it suits the new turn to the game.

The cut-scenes themselves don’t feel so distracted by the subtitles and choice wheel that pops up, the subs are now at the top of the screen instead of the bottom which I think is better and the choice wheel doesn’t look so chunky and your character actually talks in this game which is great stuff, having a mute main character kinda set a bad example so I’m glad that BioWare listened to their fans!

The characters, enemies and environment are more colourful and likeable, you will come across a familiar face in the demo when on the second part of the demo, your characters get surrounded in a cut-scene and the area gets attacked by a fierce dragon which turned out to be a shapeshifter, it turns out to be a old woman, this is none other than the “Witch of the Wilds”, Flemeth and boy has she changed since the first game and I’m sure there are possibly more character cameos from the first game on here, even if their are just talked about, we will have to wait and see!

Overall, the demo shows alot of Dragon Age II’s new changes and it may upset some fans but I think this change is for the better as it makes the game even more involving and dramatic, I just can’t wait for the full game!

Dragon Age II demo is available to download from Xbox Live now but you need to be Gold Membership, if you have Silver Membership, you will have to wait a week or two.

The demo maybe out for PSN either tomorrow or next week, not sure….

The full game of Dragon Age II will be released on March 11th 2011 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC/MAC, take it from me, this will be huge!!!

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