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Ziedrich’s Diary 5 – Event Plannings


I have been planning for loads of events recently, two of which is my wedding which will take place next year, March 3rd 2012, it’s been a really stressful time trying to keep things under wraps, we have booked the reception by paying for the deposit and we also booked the photographers. The photography costs £1150, which sounds alot but when you think about it, the prices have barely changed in the last 10 or 15 years so in the long run, it’s pretty decent, we had to pay £300 deposit to book them for the event, my grandma is giving us money towards it, my mother is paying for the rental car and cake, my father is paying for the flowers (Bless him, lol), and we have had money from others too which was generous of them but hopefully we can keep a lid on it all.

The second major event we are going to is the London Expo or Memorabilia as it’s called this year, the event will happen at October 29-30th so it’s a all weekend event, hopefully I can visit both days but it has been considered official just recently that I am going to the event so if anyone is going this year, not the May one, the October one, you might be able to bump into me. I’m mainly going there to visit a load of my friends from facebook and forums, I won’t name any but they know who they are, it’s going to be a good event!

Other planning includes my trying to get more gaming reviews made, due to my lack of free time, posts have been a little scarce but I should be able to get something done this week at least, I was thinking of making a Bulletstorm review since I’ve pretty much tried everything and completed the game so I have enough experience to get a decent review made on it.

I’ve recently been talking about classic games and underrated games from my friends on facebook, we were talking about games what we thought should’ve done well, like The Bouncer, Chaos Legion and Hogs of War and those games we don’t want to see anymore such as Armoured Core. Seriously, Armoured Core series needs to be put to rest due to it being over the top and becoming really repetitive, the amount of expansions to them also is unbelievable aswell as annoying.

I will be making a post soon about games that I thought were underrated and those games that need a sequel a bit later on, along with the Bulletstorm review, thats it for another week, see ya!

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