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TNA Victory Road 2011 Results


TNA Pay-Per-View

Victory Road 2011

March 13th



Match 1 – Bully Ray vs Tommy Dreamer (Falls count anywhere)

Winner – Tommy Dreamer

Match 2 – Angelina Love & Winter vs Sarita and Rosita (Knockout Tag Titles)

Winner – Sarita and Rosita

Match 3 – Matt Morgan vs Hernandez (First blood match)

Winner – Hernandez

Match 4 – Kazarian vs Max Buck vs Jeremy Buck vs Robbie E (Ultimate X Match for X Division Title)

Winner – Kazarian

Match 5 – Beer Money vs Ink Inc (Tag Team Titles)

Winner – Beer Money

Match 6 – A.J. Styles vs Matt Hardy

Winner – A.J. Styles

Match 7 – Mr. Anderson vs Rob Van Dam (#1 Contender match)

Winner – Double Count-Out

Match 8 – Sting vs Jeff Hardy (TNA World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – Sting


Overall – Well, that was something, a world title match lasted only 90 seconds, but I have read up that Jeff Hardy was in a terrible “mess” and so couldn’t perform like he normally does, that could mean anything from court case to any confrontation with any of the wrestlers, not really sure. The best match of that night was the Ultimate X match, that is always fun to watch as it’s such a unique match.

Next TNA PPV – Lockdown

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