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30 Days of Gaming – Day 1: Future Cop LAPD

(This is just a short post about my opinions and notes on certain games in the next 30 days, this is pretty common on Facebook but they normally just ask themself a question and what game they think answers that question the best, not for me though, I will just talk about games for 30 days, lol)


Released in mid 1998, this was released for PSX and PC, this is basically a 3rd person shooter of sorts with a hint of action/adventure thrown in, this has recently been released on Playstation Network too so you can revive this classic again and again.

This game had pretty good reviews and I can see why too, it’s very fun, story mode is a little bland but it’s challenging and you have have co-op on all modes which makes it even more crazy! With a vast array of weapons and able to transform from drone to car, it also adds hints of strategy in certain areas, especially in boss battles and on Precinct Assault mode.

Talking about Precinct Assault, this is the most fun to have in the game and it provides many hours of fun against the computer AI or against a friend, this mode works like a real-time strategy, you have to protect your base while helping your troops to get inside the enemy base, sounds simple enough but getting your  troops there is a different matter, there are turrets to possess, power-ups to pick up and nuteral bases to take over. When you gain enough points from destroying enemy units/commander, you can upgrade your troops by purchasing boss-like version of each unit, buy tanks to invade and attack chopters to defend the base.

With a massive number of difficulties, there is enough of a challenge for any gamer, beginner or veteran, overall, this is a fun game and now that it’s out on PSN, you can re-live your memories of this game and then kick some arse as a killer droid/car!

This ends day 1 of my 30 days of gaming

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