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30 Days of Gaming – Day 2: Soul Blade

(This is just a short post about my opinions and notes on certain games in the next 30 days, this is pretty common on Facebook but they normally just ask themself a question and what game they think answers that question the best, not for me though, I will just talk about games for 30 days, lol)


Released in 1997, Soul Blade (Soul Edge in Japan) was released for the Arcades and Playstation and it set a foot-hold on weapon based beat m ups, it’s not the first fighter with weapons but this is the most popular and continues to this game with the news of Soul Calibur 5.

This was also one of the first weapon based fighters that has breakable weapons when you block attacks and you end up using your fists and feet, you can still block but each attack then damages you as you block them and thus you can lose by blocking an attack that when your life is low. Not to mention you can equip different weapons when acquired, you can earn these weapons during the Edge Master Mode, a type of RPG style where you progress through stages, choosing your location, fighting enemies of various difficulties and different weapons, each new weapons adds a certain value to your fighting style, POWER, DEFENCE, STRENGTH, DURABILITY and WEIGHT along with some weapons having certain special abilities such as healing or bypass blocking.

There was a total of 15 characters to play as and each character has 2 costumes, one for player one and for player two and there are 7 playable modes in the game, Arcade, Training, VS, Team Battle, Edge Master, Time Attack and Survival so there was plenty of variety in this game.

The game’s plot was mainly about the story of Siegfried, a knight in search of revenge for his parents death, defeating Cervantes and the power of the Soul Blades corrupted Siegfried and transformed him into Nightmare in the later series, but each character has their own story plot and all of them have to progress past Cervantes and then fight the boss, Soul Edge in order to complete the game and view the character’s ending.

In the day, Soul Blade was a great game with loads of modes and playability value, it was indeed one of the top fighters of it’s time and it will continue to become a great series now under the name Soul Calibur

(On a side note, In the North American version, clothes were added to Sophitia in the opening cutscene where she would have been nude. In the European version, Li Long’s pair of nunchuka were changed to a three-section staff. In the Japanese version, Cervantes (as SoulEdge) appears to be laughing at the end of the opening cutscene.)


Thats my game of Day 2, look again tomorrow to see what game I’ve decided to write about!

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