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30 Days of Gaming – Day 3: Dynasty Warriors 2

(This is just a short post about my opinions and notes on certain games in the next 30 days, this is pretty common on Facebook but they normally just ask themself a question and what game they think answers that question the best, not for me though, I will just talk about games for 30 days, lol)


The game that started it all, although there was the first DW game, it was a totally different game style, 10 years on and the Dynasty Warriors series is still in full bloom. So I decided to have a quick look back at Dynasty Warriors 2, the main inventor of the so called “Repetitive” hack n slash.

Released in 2000 along with the Playstation 2’s release, Koei stepped into the unknown when they made this game which was a drastic step forward from the first game, which was a beat m up. The game introduced a type of gameplay that pits you against hundreds upon hundreds of enemies, basically, you become a one man army, although you do have your “trust-worthy”  bodyguards and I say that lightly.

There was 22 characters to play as in this game, and 4 forces to choose from, Wei, Wu, Shu and Other. About half of the characters were in the original Dynasty Warriors and with that is 8 stages to play on, you can choose which side to play with (Free Mode only and all stages have to be unlocked), but if you compare this to the most recent DW games, this has missed alot of important battles, not to mention this game was quite glitchy, soldiers had a habit of running up mountain sides and through some walls.

The combat system is pretty straight forward, mixture of attack and charge attacking within a 4 hit combo along with a musou attack which unleashes a powerful attack, holding the button will make it last longer until the musou gauge runs out. There was also a map zoom, guard and bow/arrow buttons, the bow/arrow function works pretty much like it does at close range, hold the button to aim and use any attack button to fire a arrow, charge attack fires a stun arrow and musou button fires a volley of arrows for as long as you hold the button (Until musou runs out or you have no arrows left).

The most irritating thing about this game was the bodyguards, most officers start off with 2 above average peons and work their way to 8 grand generals, once they reach this point, the game just looses all challenging aspects, including Lu Bu, all 8 of them could swarm him and make him seems like a weak enemy which is a damn shame as it ruins the concept of Lu Bu being the mightiest warrior of the three kingdoms. Speaking of Lu Bu, facing him alone is suicide, even if you are highly powered and on easy/normal difficult, he can still be a pain  but as the series goes on, he has become easier and easier, one main reason for him being difficult was because how all officers heal themselves, after being knocked down and getting back up, they use healing or power ups to give them an advantage, Lu Bu and commanders are the only officers to use a full health recovery item (It changed in DW3 when they had to charge up their musou to use healing).

On a final note, this is the only DW game that allows mid-game saving (Before Intern Saves were made in the series), just find a PS2 memory card and save there and then, this is also a vital item for beginners as afterwards, it completely refills your health and musou, how cool was that eh!?

That ends day 3 of my 30 days of gaming….

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