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TNA Lockdown Results

TNA Pay-Per-View

Lockdown 2011

April 17th



Pre-Show match – Brother Devon vs Anarquia

Winner – Devon

Match 1 – Ultimate Xscape Match (#1 Contender for X-Division)

Winner – Max Buck

Match 2 – Scott Steiner + Crimson vs British Invasion vs Ink Inc vs Eric Young + Orlando Jorden

Winner – Ink Inc

Match 3 – Madison Rayne vs Mickie James (Knockouts Title with Mickie’s hair on the line)

Winner – Mickie James

Match 4 – Samoa Joe vs D’Angelo Dinero

Winner – Samoa Joe

Match 5 – Matt Morgan vs Hernandez

Winner – Matt Morgan

Match 6 – Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett (Two-out-of-three falls)

First win- Kurt Angle

Second win – Jeff Jarrett

Final win – Jaff Jarrett

Match 7 – Sting vs Rob Van Dam vs Mr. Anderson (TNA World Title)

Winner – Sting

Match 8 – Immortal vs Fortune (Lethal Lockdown Match)

Winner – Fortune


Overall – The first hour of the PPV was just a complete mess, the Xscape match finished in a unexpected turn and most of the other matches either fell flat or just went on for too long. The knockouts title match I can understand, Mickie James is suffering from a shoulder injury before the PPV so they had to cut it short for her to win the belt and have a rest.

The best match was the Kurt Angle and JJ “Ultra Male” match, really had alot going and showed the most promising with a surprising finish. The world title match was just meh and so was the Lethal Lockdown match, all in all, it’s a below average PPV.

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