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Ziedrich’s Blog’s 1st Anniversary!!!

As you are aware of the post title, today is the 1st birthday of Ziedrich’s Blog! Yes, I made this blog website on April 30th 2010 and, to be honest, I didn’t have much high hopes for it going very far but…. In just one year, my blog has accumulated nearly 55,000 views and it’s still going strong!!!

Sure, it’s not the best blog website in the world, I’ve seen many blog’s do extremely well but don’t count me out though, I am doing pretty well myself thanks you all those who visit my site, download my wallpapers, submit my reviews and posts on their Facebook and Twitter walls (Mostly which I must thank Koei for that, thanks guys!)

Recently, I have been a bit inactive lately, I have quite a busy life and little spare time but fear not, it doesn’t mean I’m out for the count, I will find ways to post here and try to make some gaming reviews, more wallpapers to submit and post up any news in the world of gaming and wrestling.

As you can also see, I have put up a new wallpaper and news theme, even though there was only 4 votes in the theme poll, it still showed that some people would like to see change and change it what happened so thank you to those who had the decency to vote on that post.

All I ask is that you bare with me, patience is a virtue as they say and patience does give it’s own rewards!


Martin aka Ziedrich

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