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What I Think A “True Gamer” Is

After many years of gaming, playing against others and studying the way of the gamer, being a “True Gamer” isn’t all about being the best in the world or having more games than everyone else or showing no mercy against veterans and new players alike.

Here is a list of what I think makes a True Gamer in this day an age:

1 – Always stick to the rules

A good gamer always reads the rules to any game whether it’s on your own or online or even co-op, you must always understand the situation of what the game is offering, a gamer who doesn’t listen and obey the rules could end up cheating, getting lost with no help or just generally doing something stupid

2 – Respect your opponents and the nOObs

In order to gain respect, you must offer respect to your opponents and to new players aka nOObs. Don’t forget that we all started off as nOObs so when you next time play with or against a new player, just remember, you were in that position once, help that new player and who knows you might end up being that player’s mentor and become highly respected. They say forgive your enemy, it’s what they least expect and who knows, your opponent might end up being your friend (In a way that is)

3 – Take your loss like a man, not complain about it

Everyone suffers wins and looses, if you lose a match or round, don’t go out complaining that the player cheated or your weren’t ready, thats just a load of BS, you take the loss and move on. Complaining only sways your focus on the task at hand and you can use this loss to make yourself better.

4 – Taking part is the main point of it all (Winning is just optional)

I, like many other great gamers, play games for the fun of it and to enjoy the whole gameplay. Those who just play to win are just plain greedy, winning is just a optional thing, sure it’s good to win but it’s even better to enjoy yourself as the main purpose of playing a video game is for the enjoyment right, not just to complete it, get bored and trade it in.

5 – Don’t be ashamed to rent games

Some gamers think they have to purchase every game that comes out or similar reasons, renting a game is the best and safest way to try out new games and see if they are actually worth buying or if you don’t like the game you rented, at least you won’t have wasted your money on playing it.

6 – Don’t brag about your achievements

I have noticed alot of gamers love to show off their achievements via pictures or just plain annoying you with what they have done, this could be anything from doing a difficult boss battle to completing a game or winning a online match. Seriously, you don’t need to do this, you are only a good as your last effort so if you lose a match, all the momentum just disappears. Talking about your achievements if fine but bragging and showing off is just not the way to go

7 – Be confident but never be over-confident

Its one thing to be confident in your own gaming abilities but it’s completely different if you get cocky and such if you on a winning streak, they say pride comes before a fall, so the thing is to expect the unexpected and never underestimate your opponent(s) as the tide can turn at any moment which can leave a over-confident player fuming. Remember, there is always someone better than you and there will always be someone worse than you too

8 – Stand up for the little guy

Cyber bulling can happen during online play, maybe not often but it does happen, if you hear a new player get “Targeted” by verbal slander, don’t be afraid to stand up for the new player. As we all know, bulling is wrong so showing the “tough guy” who’s boss can say alot about your personality as being a nice person and a nice gamer.

9 – Don’t always listen to expert critics

Quite a few gamers, especially new players, read up expert critic reviews on games and of course, they follow their ratings most of the time. You don’t have to listen to them, it’s YOUR opinion that matters not theirs, like for example, most reviewers give Dynasty Warriors 7 bad reviews due to it’s repetitive nature and button bashing but let me tell you now, Dynasty Warriors didn’t get this far by relying on the critics, they rely on the gamers themselves to bring the sales and continue the series.

10 – Don’t rush into things

Just because your friends are ahead of you in certain games doesn’t mean you have to step up your A game, sometimes slow and steady wins the race, taking your time with games, especially RPGs could mean you may find certain secrets that your friend might have missed and of course, games are best enjoyed taken slowly in order for your to soak up the entertainment that each game you play brings.

Some of these may sound rubbish to you and some maybe too much to take in but believe me, I’ve been gaming for about 20 years, I’ve seen it all from the solo gaming to co-ops and online matches, studying other gamer’s nature and how they react to certain situations has made me realize that “True Gamers” are hard to come by and if you do find and even befriend one, it will be worth the trouble, trust me….

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  1. Alli
    May 19, 2011 at 12:17

    I couldn’t agree more with all of the points above 🙂
    And I guess I could be considered a true gamer XD

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