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PSN News – Final PSN Maintenance Update?

I have read up recently in a few websites that Sony are closing down PSN for one (Hopefully) final maintenance check up before the Playstation Network Store is finally up and active.

From what I have read up the options that will be closed during this maintenance check will include the following:

  • PC Registration
  • Console Storefront
  • PS3 Account Management
  • PS3 Network Account Registration
  • PSP Network Account Registration
  • Qriocity Account Management
If anyone is wondering what time this maintenance update will take place, Sony will perform this at tuesday the 31st May at 19.00 GMT timezone and will re-open on wednesday the 1st of June at 01.00 GMT, no one really knows if the PSN store will be restored after this update but Sony did say that it will be back online at the end of May so this has to be the time.
We only have just a few days to wait so just hang in there PS3/PSP owners!
EDIT:: Sorry but I just read today that Sony has postponed the maintenance until Friday the 3rd June, it’s only a few more days and by the looks of it, the PSN network should be fully restored in time for the big E3 event! 
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