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TNA Slammiversary IX Results

TNA Pay-Per-View

Slammiversary IX

June 12th 2011



Match 1 – James Storm + Alex Shelley vs British Invasion (TNA Tag Titles)

Winner – James & Alex

Match 2 – Matt Morgan vs Scott Steiner

Winner – Matt Morgan

Match 3 – Abyss vs Kazarian vs Brian Kendrick (X Division Title)

Winner – Abyss

Match 4 – Samoa Joe vs Crimson

Winner – Crimson

Match 5 – Mickie James vs Angelina Love (Knockout Title)

Winner – Mickie James

Match 6 – A.J Styles vs Bully Ray (Last Man Standing)

Winner – Bully Ray

Match 7 – Sting vs Mr. Anderson (TNA World Title)

Winner – Mr. Anderson

Match 8 – Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jerrett (#1 Contender for World Title with Angle’s gold medal on the line)

Winner – Kurt Angle


Overall – Not spectacular but it’s was a pretty good PPV for TNA this time, the undercard matches actually did better than the main events, especially the A.J/Bully Ray match, that had to be the best match of the night. With Anderson winning the title, I wonder what will happen to Sting now eh….


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