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WWE Capitol Punishment Results


Capitol Punishment

19th June 2011



Match 1 – Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler (US Title)

Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Match 2 – The Miz vs Alex Riley

Winner – Alex Riley

Match 3 – Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Match 4 – Wade Barrett vs Ezekiel Jackson (IC Title)

Winner – Ezekiel Jackson

Match 5 – C.M Punk vs Rey Mysterio

Winner – C.M Punk

Match 6 – Randy Orton vs Christian (World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – Randy Orton

Match 7 – Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger

Winner – Evan Bourne

Match 8 – John Cena vs R-Truth (WWE Title)

Winner – John Cena


Overall – This is a PPV were the non-title matches were actually better than the main events, although the match between Orton and Christian were pretty good while the Cena/Truth match was just messy, although I do like Truth’s heel story, the match didn’t really help him along.



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