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Shadows Of The Damned OST Download

This is the soundtrack listings to the recently released game, Shadows of the Damned, for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The album contains a 12 track list, you can check the whole list below and the link to download the soundtrack is under the listings, thanks to Sonix’s VGM website for this, I’m sure a few of my friends would say the same as they love this game!

Soundtrack Listings

01 Theme of Shadows of the Damned (featuring The Damned) 7:11
02 Shedding Stars 1:30
03 Walk if Off 1:36
04 Last stop, windows up 2:56
05 …This Way Comes 1:50
06 Fathomer 2:05
07 Smile for a Broken Dawn 2:08
08 Showdown at High Moon 1:46
09 Cold Turkey 2:20
10 Broken Bones, Broken Promises 2:52
11 Dropped Off Between Stops 2:35
12 Clawing at the Veil 2:42

Disc length 31:31

The file is protected by a password to unlock so here it is – sonixgvn

Original website link where to download it –

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