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Timesplitters 4 still possible?

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People thought it would’ve been the end for the popular shoot m up series, Timesplitters after the company, Free Radical Design, went bust a couple of years ago, not long after they announced Timesplitters 4. Since then, the 4th installation of the popular series went dark and the rumours began spreading about it.

Now, it’s been known that Free Radical Design has become Crytek UK and was one of the companies behind the superb Crysis 2 game and now it’s been announced that the new Crytek UK has said that the fourth Timesplitters game isn’t dead yet, during this years E3 but not actually at the event, Crytek have said that this game will be announced soon.

A recent article from the guys at said that in the recent article from the recent issue of Official PlayStation Magazine showed a picture of the confirmed TS4 game said only this –

‘Gun-wielding monkeys are finally making a comeback! A fourth Timesplitters title is to be announced soon’

This will give hope to those Timesplitter fans that the once was Free Radical Design’s one of a kind shooter is returning and under the new company Crytek, could this mean the new TS game might have Crysis 2 style graphics?

If so, I’m so up for that!!!



Dragon Age II: Legacy – Solving Colour Puzzle In Riannon’s Floor

July 26, 2011 3 comments


I only just solved this not long ago after many minutes scratching my head and moving the 9 pillars but anyway, I have taken a photo of each pillar, starting from the pillars at the entrance, in left to right formation (You can look at the mini-map in the photos to which pillar I’m looking at)

I apologize first of all for the lack of quality as these shots were taken via mobile phone and I also apologize for not giving a detailed solution to how it’s actually done but hopefully with you looking at my photos, it will give you an idea as to how to solve the puzzle.

Now baring in mind of the pillar’s formation and where the beams are going and make sure you look at the mini map on each photo to make sure your moving the right pillar.

To those who don’t know, the pillars have coloured beams to unlock a room in the upper right section of the area in Riannon’s Floor and as you can see when you reach there, each door is blocked by a coloured field, to do this go to the pillar area and see the coloured beams, you need to re-arrange the pillars to make all of the colours WHITE, once that happens, all the coloured fields will disappear, allowing you to roam into the secret area.

Now for the photos! (Again, sorry for the quality, hope you can see em well enough to guess the pillar’s formation)

Baring in mind, it’s top left to right, middle left to right and bottom left to right, closest to the entrance to the puzzle room (NOTE – Click the photos for enlarged versions of them if you can’t see that well)

Hopefully, if my photos do help you out, all the colour beams should go white and all the fields will be gone, inside the sealed area is two big cheats, one contains random money-related loot and the second chest contains “Helm Of The Fortress” which you will need to complete the Fortress armour set.

I hope this helps out if you get stuck!


Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues – How to kill the Legendary Bloatfly!

July 25, 2011 4 comments

Now, this caught me unaware when I first came upon it’s presence during my exploration of the Old World Blues DLC for Fallout New Vegas and boy was I in for a fight! Against probably the most dangerous boss in Fallout New Vegas, the one of a kind, Legendary Bloatfly!

First of all, you need to find it, the legendary bloatfly lies in the heart of the “Mysterious Cave” in the upper north east of the Old World Blues map, should literally be walking distance from the “Big MT North Tunnel” but incase you still can’t find it, I took a few photos of the event, below you will see the location of the “Mysterious Cave” where the bloatfly lives

Now, once your in there, your in bloatfly territory, sure, the normal ones are weak as heck, one bullet should take care of em, now, make sure you go up rather than down, for the best vantage point and soon you will come across a ledge but don’t approach it! Stay away from there or you will be in the cross-fire of the Legendary Bloatfly and believe me, it’s attacks HURT, even on Very Easy mode, it could kill you in just a few hits!

As you can see, the Legendary Bloatfly is couple of times bigger than an ordinary bloatfly and it glowing brightly so you can’t miss it, attacking it head-on is just plain suicide and it’s heavily armoured and high HP so it’s best to attack it from a distance.

Now, my theory to take it down was simple, I used the “Christine’s COS Silencer Rifle” along with one dose of Psycho, Slasher and one Stealth Boy, crouched and took loads of pot shots at the Legendary Bloatfly, if you maintain your distance, it won’t detect you allowing you to hit it freely but try to be quick as the drugs and stealth boy don’t last very long. Also use the VATS as often as possible too for good shots and high chance of critical strikes, after about several lots of sniper rifle magazines used on it, the Legendary Bloatfly should either be dead or near it so you can finish if off if it hasn’t.

The loot varies but one thing is for certain, you will get a crap load of bloatfly meat and lots of buffout and psycho which should be plenty for ya, the drain microfusion cells is probably why the Legendary Bloatfly was glowing, might have been an experiment I don’t know but it sure seems that way.

It is one of a kind type of monster, you won’t be able to find it again…. Oh and make sure you SAVE before you encounter the Legendary Bloatfly and after you have killed it coz believe me, you don’t want to face that again. It makes the Cazadors and Deathclaws seem puny in comparison!

Anyway, I hope my post helps you defeat this monstrosity!


Guest Article: My Fiancée’s View On The Cena/Punk Feud

July 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Normally, my fiancee doesn’t want to write stuff about wrestling, she just wants to watch and talk about it but after the CM Punk and John Cena feud in Money in the Bank PPV on sunday, she decided to make an article on it and wants it in my blog so here is her article (Btw, she hasn’t included the events of what happened on RAW last night as she finished it before the episode)

“The morning of July 18th: a special day anyway due to it being my fiance’s birthday.  However, for wrestling fans it was the morning after the much anticipated and talked about “Money in the Bank” WWE pay-per-view.

 This ppv had proven to be unique as it was also the “farewell party” of soon to be ex WWE superstar CM Punk.

All wrestling fans with access to a respectable wrestling news source were already aware that Punk had publicly refused to renew his contract with WWE, and had recently announced on a particularly fascinating episode of Raw that his intention was to leave the company with the much coveted WWE championship.

In itself, this was nothing unique, reminding me a little of Bret Hart’s refusal to relinquish his title belt before leaving what was then the WWF.

Whilst Punk’s version was different, he earned public approval by making remarks about Vince McMahon’s favoured wrestlers: John Cena, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Hulk Hogan.  He then went on to say some unflattering things about the McMahon family before his microphone was cut and he was promptly suspended.

However, Punk was rescued by John Cena the following week and was reinstated.  However Cena learned his intervention came at a price when Vince added the stipulation that if he lost the title he lost his job.

Those who use twitter and follow any wrestling accounts will have become well aware of the match, and will have been prepared for a busy twitter once it was over.  Even so, I was a little taken aback when my news feed was made up entirely of tweets relating to the match.

The ppv was an enjoyable one, even without the Main Event. I was pleased with the results, and my best wishes go out to the superstars who were injured – particularly to Sin Cara. Get well soon, gentlemen.

But the main event deserves special mention, as for me it overshadowed all the other matches. Over half an hour of fantastic wrestling, which Punk and Cena should be very proud of.

It was made obvious within the first few minutes of the PPV starting that Punk was the favourite.  This is not surprising considering the show was hosted in his home state of Chicago, but the passion of the crowd was still formidable to hear. Even during the first match the shouts of “CM Punk” were the most dominant.  When Punk actually entered the ring the crowd exploded into cheers of support. 

John Cena, famous for not making friends in ppvs, was most probably well prepared for the crowds reaction to his entrance.  Even so, when the crowd saw him it seemed as though the whole arena erupted into boos and jeers.  As the match progressed, tiny pockets of Cena fans could be heard, but for the most part the crowd was hostile towards Cena.

The match had a modest start, with both participants circling and jabbing at one another. But the match soon began in earnest, with both wrestlers using their full collections of special and finishing moves with varying levels of success on both sides.

Whilst the match lasted over half an hour, for those watching it did not feel anywhere near as long. Punk and Cena gave it their all to give the WWE universe a match to remember. 

Throughout the match there were several moments where either Cena or Punk could have claimed a pinfall, but the other would kick out with a fraction of a second to spare. This kept the audience both at the event and at home firmly on the edge of their seats and contributed to the fast pace of the match.

During the match Cena took an injury, which was made apparent when he took a pause at the edge of the ring.  It was apparent by his expression following this that he was in some discomfort, a fact that Punk seemed quick to take advantage of.

However, when it seemed that Cena was about to claim victory by submission, Vince McMahon came running to the ring, screaming for the bell to be rung in Cena’ favour. It seemed that after contract negotiations failed with Punk he was desperate to keep the title belt with Cena.

His appearance gained no sympathy with either the crowd or John Cena, both reacting angrily to his shouts.  Cena refused to accept McMahon’s ‘assistance’ and declared that he wanted to retain the title his way.

He did not have time to act on this decision, as shortly after Punk administered an impressive  “go to sleep” on Cena, which knocked him out long enough for Punk to get a three count and be declared the winner.

But a horrified Vince McMahon was not prepared to let it end there.  As the crowd celebrated Punk’s victory he rushed to the announce table and ordered the music to be stopped.  He then called for Alberto Del Rio, who had won the Raw Money in the Bank match earlier.  Del Rio, with red case in hand, came racing into the ring only to collide with the foot of a remarkably energetic Punk. Del Rio’s failed intervention lasted for a few seconds, and McMahon could only watch as Punk walked out as the triumphant WWE champion.

In my opinion pay per view matches can be very hit-and-miss in terms of quality, particularly main events.  But this match was exciting and full of energy and passion despite its length.  WWE would benefit from a few more matches like this, and remind the fans why it remains a major wrestling brand.

I very much doubt that Punk could have ended his contract on a higher note, and his farewell match will remain one that nobody is going to forget in a hurry.”


WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Results

July 18, 2011 Leave a comment


Money In The Bank 2011

July 17th



Match 1 – Smackdown Money In The Bank match (Sin Cara vs Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel vs Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes vs Heath Slater vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane)

Winner – Daniel Bryan

Match 2 – Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella (Divas Title)

Winner – Kelly Kelly

Match 3 – Mark Henry vs Big Show

Winner – Mark Henry

Match 4 – RAW Money In The Bank match (Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio vs The Miz vs Alex Riley vs Evan Bourne)

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Match 5 – Randy Orton vs Christian (World Heavyweight Title, if Orton is DQ’ed or any bad refereeing, Christian instantly gains title)

Winner – Christian (Via DQ)

Match 6 – John Cena vs CM Punk (WWE Title, if Punk wins, Cena is fired)

Winner – CM Punk (Match lasted nearly 35 minutes!!!)


Overall – Wow, just Wow! Such an amazing PPV, that CM Punk/Cena match was a very surprising twist and would love to see what happens now in the following RAW episode. Other than the Divas match and the Henry/Show match, all other matches was just great stuff, Del Rio winning the RAW MITB wasn’t a surprise but Daniel Bryan winning the Smackdown one was a surprise, it will be interesting how he goes from here.

Next PPV – SummerSlam


Ziedrich’s Diary – My Birthday Incoming!

July 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Tomorrow, on Monday July 18th, it will be my 25th birthday, and I’m really starting to feel my age. I’m at that point where birthdays don’t mean as much as it did like a couple of years ago, as you get older, you start to change, don’t feel the urge to do stuff when you were younger and even consider to not asking for much for your birthday.

People ask me what I want for my birthday but being me an all, I just ask for money rather than presents as most of the time I don’t really require much to be sorted, but with money instead, I can save that for later dates which I think is a better and more convenient way to enjoy a birthday.

I don’t hate having birthdays, its just I’m not a child anymore, time can change a person, on how he thinks, how he acts and how he judges but I know I can’t avoid being involved in birthdays so I just tough it out and keep a straight face. Birthdays are a good excuse to talk to friends and family who you might not have seen for awhile, to me, most of those people are mainly my older sisters, I don’t see them very often and it will be nice to see them and their kids, 3 children between them, one sister has a girl and a boy, the other has 1 girl and is currently pregnant with another.

Today (Sunday), I will be treated to a Indian restaurant meal at my local restaurant by my parents, which is nice of them, so me, my fiancée, my mum and dad will be going to this Indian place called LaLa’s, sure its a weird sounding name but it’s one of the best Indian restaurant i’ve been to in a long time so I’m really looking forward to it.

On a side note – I would like to apologize for not posting often here recently, with the wedding planning and work place taking up most of my spare time, I’ve barely had any time to do some researching and heck, even playing games is limited but I promise to not let this blog fade into the background!


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Duke Nukem Forever OST Download

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Finding a downloadable area for Duke Nukem Forever Soundtrack was pretty much a pain but thanks to the guys at FFShrine, a complete score version of the album was uploaded and available for your hearing pleasure, after all, this is Duke Nukem we are talking about here!

Now, this album that has been uploaded is a MP4 style @399 KBPS which is pretty clear quality, it has a whooping 65 tracks and total runtime is around  2 hours and 19 minutes so there is plenty to listen to when you aren’t playing the game

Track list

1. Main Menu 2. 12 Years Ago… 3. Duke Takes On the Cycloid Emperor

4. It’s Good! 5. 12 Years Later, at the Duke Hotel 6. Holson Twins Music Video

7. The Duke Hotel 8. Damn, It’s Late! TV Theme 9. Duke TV Theme

10. Duke Pinball Theme 11. Conference in the Duke Cave 12. First Contact

13. Sneaking Duke 14. Alien Meets Fist 15. Duke Vision

16. Reactor On 17. Fight to the Turret 18. Turret Ride

19. Duke Takes On the Mothership and Wins 20. Through the Casino 21. PIIIGS!

22. Always Bet On Duke 23. Lady Killer 24. Armor Is For Pussies

25. Vegas in Ruins 26. The Battlelord 27. Platform Combat

28. The Duke Bowl 29. The Hive 30. Parasites

31. The Queen’s Lair 32. The Queen Gets Screwed 33. Girls, Girls, Girls

34. A Private Show 35. Sky High 36. Come Here Freaks!

37. Double Barrel 38. Jetpack Hijack 39. Duke Burger

40. Duke Burger Elevator 41. Hall of Meat 42. Fire From Above

43. Explosins Galore 44. No Mans Land 45. Battle in the Middle of Nowhere

46. Mine Fight 47. Desert Fight 48. Fighting Inside the Hoover Dam

49. The Dam Tunnels 50. Crossfire at the Machines 51. Technology’s Fire

52. Cranium Rats 53. Tiny Duke, Big Finish 54. Elevator Music

55. The Infested Dam 56. Flooded Tunnels 57. Infestation

58. Really, Really Big Leeches 59. Duke Runs Like Hell 60. Duke and the Cycloid Emperor

61. Loading Theme 1 62. Loading Theme 2 63. Multiplayer Lobby

64. Credits 65. E3 2001 Trailer Song (Bonus Track)

Download Link –

Original Link (Just incase the other one doesn’t work) –

There is also a Game-Rip version which someone took from the PC version of the game, that can be found here –

Thanks to FFShrine for making these links and just a warning, if you are downloading from the “Original Link” you can’t see the link until you login to the forums first.

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