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Duke Nukem Forever OST Download

Finding a downloadable area for Duke Nukem Forever Soundtrack was pretty much a pain but thanks to the guys at FFShrine, a complete score version of the album was uploaded and available for your hearing pleasure, after all, this is Duke Nukem we are talking about here!

Now, this album that has been uploaded is a MP4 style @399 KBPS which is pretty clear quality, it has a whooping 65 tracks and total runtime is around  2 hours and 19 minutes so there is plenty to listen to when you aren’t playing the game

Track list

1. Main Menu 2. 12 Years Ago… 3. Duke Takes On the Cycloid Emperor

4. It’s Good! 5. 12 Years Later, at the Duke Hotel 6. Holson Twins Music Video

7. The Duke Hotel 8. Damn, It’s Late! TV Theme 9. Duke TV Theme

10. Duke Pinball Theme 11. Conference in the Duke Cave 12. First Contact

13. Sneaking Duke 14. Alien Meets Fist 15. Duke Vision

16. Reactor On 17. Fight to the Turret 18. Turret Ride

19. Duke Takes On the Mothership and Wins 20. Through the Casino 21. PIIIGS!

22. Always Bet On Duke 23. Lady Killer 24. Armor Is For Pussies

25. Vegas in Ruins 26. The Battlelord 27. Platform Combat

28. The Duke Bowl 29. The Hive 30. Parasites

31. The Queen’s Lair 32. The Queen Gets Screwed 33. Girls, Girls, Girls

34. A Private Show 35. Sky High 36. Come Here Freaks!

37. Double Barrel 38. Jetpack Hijack 39. Duke Burger

40. Duke Burger Elevator 41. Hall of Meat 42. Fire From Above

43. Explosins Galore 44. No Mans Land 45. Battle in the Middle of Nowhere

46. Mine Fight 47. Desert Fight 48. Fighting Inside the Hoover Dam

49. The Dam Tunnels 50. Crossfire at the Machines 51. Technology’s Fire

52. Cranium Rats 53. Tiny Duke, Big Finish 54. Elevator Music

55. The Infested Dam 56. Flooded Tunnels 57. Infestation

58. Really, Really Big Leeches 59. Duke Runs Like Hell 60. Duke and the Cycloid Emperor

61. Loading Theme 1 62. Loading Theme 2 63. Multiplayer Lobby

64. Credits 65. E3 2001 Trailer Song (Bonus Track)

Download Link –

Original Link (Just incase the other one doesn’t work) –

There is also a Game-Rip version which someone took from the PC version of the game, that can be found here –

Thanks to FFShrine for making these links and just a warning, if you are downloading from the “Original Link” you can’t see the link until you login to the forums first.

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