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Ziedrich’s Diary – My Birthday Incoming!

Tomorrow, on Monday July 18th, it will be my 25th birthday, and I’m really starting to feel my age. I’m at that point where birthdays don’t mean as much as it did like a couple of years ago, as you get older, you start to change, don’t feel the urge to do stuff when you were younger and even consider to not asking for much for your birthday.

People ask me what I want for my birthday but being me an all, I just ask for money rather than presents as most of the time I don’t really require much to be sorted, but with money instead, I can save that for later dates which I think is a better and more convenient way to enjoy a birthday.

I don’t hate having birthdays, its just I’m not a child anymore, time can change a person, on how he thinks, how he acts and how he judges but I know I can’t avoid being involved in birthdays so I just tough it out and keep a straight face. Birthdays are a good excuse to talk to friends and family who you might not have seen for awhile, to me, most of those people are mainly my older sisters, I don’t see them very often and it will be nice to see them and their kids, 3 children between them, one sister has a girl and a boy, the other has 1 girl and is currently pregnant with another.

Today (Sunday), I will be treated to a Indian restaurant meal at my local restaurant by my parents, which is nice of them, so me, my fiancée, my mum and dad will be going to this Indian place called LaLa’s, sure its a weird sounding name but it’s one of the best Indian restaurant i’ve been to in a long time so I’m really looking forward to it.

On a side note – I would like to apologize for not posting often here recently, with the wedding planning and work place taking up most of my spare time, I’ve barely had any time to do some researching and heck, even playing games is limited but I promise to not let this blog fade into the background!


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