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Guest Article: My Fiancée’s View On The Cena/Punk Feud

Normally, my fiancee doesn’t want to write stuff about wrestling, she just wants to watch and talk about it but after the CM Punk and John Cena feud in Money in the Bank PPV on sunday, she decided to make an article on it and wants it in my blog so here is her article (Btw, she hasn’t included the events of what happened on RAW last night as she finished it before the episode)

“The morning of July 18th: a special day anyway due to it being my fiance’s birthday.  However, for wrestling fans it was the morning after the much anticipated and talked about “Money in the Bank” WWE pay-per-view.

 This ppv had proven to be unique as it was also the “farewell party” of soon to be ex WWE superstar CM Punk.

All wrestling fans with access to a respectable wrestling news source were already aware that Punk had publicly refused to renew his contract with WWE, and had recently announced on a particularly fascinating episode of Raw that his intention was to leave the company with the much coveted WWE championship.

In itself, this was nothing unique, reminding me a little of Bret Hart’s refusal to relinquish his title belt before leaving what was then the WWF.

Whilst Punk’s version was different, he earned public approval by making remarks about Vince McMahon’s favoured wrestlers: John Cena, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Hulk Hogan.  He then went on to say some unflattering things about the McMahon family before his microphone was cut and he was promptly suspended.

However, Punk was rescued by John Cena the following week and was reinstated.  However Cena learned his intervention came at a price when Vince added the stipulation that if he lost the title he lost his job.

Those who use twitter and follow any wrestling accounts will have become well aware of the match, and will have been prepared for a busy twitter once it was over.  Even so, I was a little taken aback when my news feed was made up entirely of tweets relating to the match.

The ppv was an enjoyable one, even without the Main Event. I was pleased with the results, and my best wishes go out to the superstars who were injured – particularly to Sin Cara. Get well soon, gentlemen.

But the main event deserves special mention, as for me it overshadowed all the other matches. Over half an hour of fantastic wrestling, which Punk and Cena should be very proud of.

It was made obvious within the first few minutes of the PPV starting that Punk was the favourite.  This is not surprising considering the show was hosted in his home state of Chicago, but the passion of the crowd was still formidable to hear. Even during the first match the shouts of “CM Punk” were the most dominant.  When Punk actually entered the ring the crowd exploded into cheers of support. 

John Cena, famous for not making friends in ppvs, was most probably well prepared for the crowds reaction to his entrance.  Even so, when the crowd saw him it seemed as though the whole arena erupted into boos and jeers.  As the match progressed, tiny pockets of Cena fans could be heard, but for the most part the crowd was hostile towards Cena.

The match had a modest start, with both participants circling and jabbing at one another. But the match soon began in earnest, with both wrestlers using their full collections of special and finishing moves with varying levels of success on both sides.

Whilst the match lasted over half an hour, for those watching it did not feel anywhere near as long. Punk and Cena gave it their all to give the WWE universe a match to remember. 

Throughout the match there were several moments where either Cena or Punk could have claimed a pinfall, but the other would kick out with a fraction of a second to spare. This kept the audience both at the event and at home firmly on the edge of their seats and contributed to the fast pace of the match.

During the match Cena took an injury, which was made apparent when he took a pause at the edge of the ring.  It was apparent by his expression following this that he was in some discomfort, a fact that Punk seemed quick to take advantage of.

However, when it seemed that Cena was about to claim victory by submission, Vince McMahon came running to the ring, screaming for the bell to be rung in Cena’ favour. It seemed that after contract negotiations failed with Punk he was desperate to keep the title belt with Cena.

His appearance gained no sympathy with either the crowd or John Cena, both reacting angrily to his shouts.  Cena refused to accept McMahon’s ‘assistance’ and declared that he wanted to retain the title his way.

He did not have time to act on this decision, as shortly after Punk administered an impressive  “go to sleep” on Cena, which knocked him out long enough for Punk to get a three count and be declared the winner.

But a horrified Vince McMahon was not prepared to let it end there.  As the crowd celebrated Punk’s victory he rushed to the announce table and ordered the music to be stopped.  He then called for Alberto Del Rio, who had won the Raw Money in the Bank match earlier.  Del Rio, with red case in hand, came racing into the ring only to collide with the foot of a remarkably energetic Punk. Del Rio’s failed intervention lasted for a few seconds, and McMahon could only watch as Punk walked out as the triumphant WWE champion.

In my opinion pay per view matches can be very hit-and-miss in terms of quality, particularly main events.  But this match was exciting and full of energy and passion despite its length.  WWE would benefit from a few more matches like this, and remind the fans why it remains a major wrestling brand.

I very much doubt that Punk could have ended his contract on a higher note, and his farewell match will remain one that nobody is going to forget in a hurry.”


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